threptin biscuits benefits

Threptin Biscuits – All You Need to Know!

Threptin biscuits, also known as Threptin Diskettes, is a high protein and high-calorie supplement. The word ‘supplement’ means ‘to add something extra’. Threptin biscuits are suitable if a person’s protein requirements are not being met adequately due to faulty diet and there is a need to add protein to their diet in the form of supplements. Read to know more about Threptin biscuits benefits and side-effects.

What is unique about Threptin Biscuits?

threptin biscuits benefits
Difference between Threptin Biscuits and other protein sources


Most of the protein powder is made from vegetable sources like groundnut, soya, pea etc. Vegetable protein is second-class protein. Though they also provide amino acids which aren’t naturally made in the human body, first-class protein contains greater types of required amino acids. Threptin biscuits provide class-1 protein, casein.

Threptin Biscuits Benefits

threptin biscuits benefits
Benefits of Threptin Biscuits

Threptin biscuits are also suitable for people who are in need of higher proteins and calories to meet a specific condition like pregnancy, growing children, elderly, recuperating patients, bodybuilders, and other physically active people.

  • The biscuits are lactose-free. Therefore, they are ideal for people with lactose intolerance who are unable to consume common protein-based food items.
  • The biscuits are fortified with vitamin B and the calories provided in the biscuits help digest the protein.
  • Threptin protein is cholesterol and trans-fat free.
  • Threptin Lite, a variation of Threptin product is sugar-free. It has following benefits:
    • It is beneficial for diabetic, cardiovascular as well as obese patients.
    • It provides dietary fibre, which helps to reduce the cholesterol.
    • It has antioxidants that help patients who are prone to oxidative stress e.g. diabetes patients.
    • It also provides Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6.

threptin biscuits benefits

In general, Threptin biscuits offer health benefits as it helps increase cell metabolism, increases stamina and helps in growing strong and lean muscles. The biscuits are available in packs of 1000 gm and 275 gm. These biscuits are available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Mango flavours to name a few.

Let us look at the approximate composition of Threptin biscuits per 100 gm:

threptin biscuits benefits


Protein (mainly casein)30.0 gm
Carbohydrate48.00 gm
Sugar (Sucrose)23.00 gm
Fat14 gm
Thiamine Hydrochloride1.06mg
Energy Value438.00 kcal (1834.00 kJ)
  • Casein(30 gm): Casein is a protein present in milk which is a first-class protein having all vital amino acids. First-class proteins are the proteins found from animals, meat, fish, dairy, eggs.
  • Thiamine Hydrochloride(1.06mg): Thiamine is the vitamin, also called vitamin B1. It’s vital for cell growth, aerobic metabolism and transmission of nerve impulses.
  • Riboflavin(1.26): Riboflavin is the vitamin, also called vitamin B2. It’s essential for the maintenance of many tissues of the body.
  • Nicotinamide(14.00mg): Nicotinamide is the vitamin, also called vitamin B3. It’s important in energy production and nutrient synthesis and it also helps in preventing type 1 diabetes and some cancers.

Recommended Threptin Biscuits Intake

Threptin Biscuits - Intake Guidelines

The main constituent of Threptin biscuit is casein which is biologically a first class protein. Casein contains all essential amino acids and the best part is it is extremely easy to digest. Threptin biscuits can be dissolved in water and milk. Therefore, they can be fed to very small children or recuperating patients who require tube feeding.

The Threptin biscuits benefits are also said to help in controlling weight gain because it is more concentrated in protein than carbohydrates. As such, Threptin biscuits are a good snack item to be munched in between meals without the fear of gaining weight. However, we have to keep in mind that we don’t exceed eating more than 2-3 Threptin biscuits twice or thrice in a day.

Also, body’s requirement for protein depends on many factors. These factors include weight, person’s level of physical activity, gender, age and whether the goal is to maintain weight, lose weight, or gain in muscles. The widely used formula to calculate daily protein requirement is as mentioned below:

Person’s Weight (in Kg) * 0.8 gm protein/kg = Protein (in gm)

0.8 gm of protein per kilogram is the protein requirement for a normal healthy person with a sedentary lifestyle. If a person has a specific condition like pregnancy or is recuperating from an illness, use a higher number between 1 and 1.8

threptin biscuits benefits

Threptin Biscuits Side-Effects

Coming to disadvantages, we need to keep in mind that in consuming these biscuits a person also ends up consuming 14 gms of fat per 100 gms of biscuits. Now, the fat intake is unnecessary if the goal is weight reduction. A person also ends up having 48 gm of carbohydrate and 23 gm of sucrose per 100 gm of biscuits. Again, carbohydrate and sucrose are counterproductive if the goal is to build lean muscles. It is also said to be not ideal for bodybuilders because they have to eat as many as 4 biscuits to gain protein equivalent to one egg white which is less given their requirement.

Among the side-effects, casein may cause irritable bowel syndrome in some people, and give a feeling of being thirsty often.

We have pretty much summed up about Threptin biscuits and all that we need to know about it. Sure, they are a good to eat the product with benefits but remember there is nothing like a well-balanced diet. However, if there is a condition that prevents one from having protein from other common sources like milk, cheese, and other milk-based products, then considering Threptin biscuits benefits, these are the best options.


  • Who can eat Threptin Biscuits?

Threptin biscuits are high calorie and high protein supplement. It can be eaten by all, especially for those who need higher calories and proteins like during pregnancy, gym goers, elderly, growing children, postoperatively, people recovering from any illness etc.

  • How many Threptin Biscuits can you eat in a day?

A person can have 3 to 5 Threptin biscuits at a time, up to 3 times a day. Therefore, a person can have up to 15 biscuits in a day, but the source of protein is casein, you will feel thirsty, no matter how much water you drink.

  • What is the protein source of Threptin Biscuit?

Casein, a protein present in milk, recognized for its excellent amino acid content. It is the main source of protein in Threptin Biscuits and is easy to digest.

  • Can children eat Threptin Biscuits?

As Threptin biscuits can be dissolved in water and milk, they can be fed to small children. Casein present in Threptin Biscuits is easily digestible, children can have them. But make sure that macronutrient and nutrient requirements are being met.

  • Are Threptin Biscuits safe for a pregnant Women?

Yes, she can have Threptin biscuits as they are rich in Vitamin A and protein, which is highly beneficial for a pregnant Women.

  • Are Threptin Biscuits gluten free?

Only chocolate flavoured Threptin biscuits are gluten-free.

You can check about Threptin Lite here.

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