Training For A Marathon Is No Mean Feat , Here’s Why …

There are certain things that have to be taken into serious consideration while preparing for a marathon.  One has to set a specific goal to make them self ready for a marathon.  Marathon is not just a simple race instead it is a run of a long distance that requires the body to be loaded with ample of stamina.  While preparing for such a long run, people tend to make more mistakes as compared to all the prepare events they do for all the competition combined.  The majority of people can prepare for a 5K or 10K run without major obstacles, but the problem arises when they start getting ready for a marathon.  The problems extend from low stamina and poor performance to being truly over trained.  This includes incidents of pain and serious injuries that could hamper training or completely halt it.  Most of the participants end up having regrets about the things they wish they had known before running a marathon.

1. Alcohol wont lend you a helping hand :

One has to get rid of these things while preparing for a marathon. You have to turn down all of your social plans for long hours of run.  It is good to cut out on alcohol because it destroys the glucose levels and appropriate sleep required for the race. Although after a tiresome day , one would just like to have a glass of wine or relax with friends but the hangover for the next day run ,ruins all your plans for preparing for a marathon .

2. You will think before spending on luxury items : One should buy them self a good pair of shoes, dozens of energy gels, socks and more.  You will notice that things will become the most valued possession.

3. App Obsession turns out to be a necessity :

Following a running app to track your progress and to keep a record becomes a routine task. The app provides with a lot of information such as how fast run, how many kilometers you ran, and your average pace run.  One can also refer to the app Fitso, it has all the information required to know about the health tips.

4. Water is your best friend at all instances :  It is good to keep hydrated during the training days, but it is not a good idea to load up with water on a race day.  The day you are going to run, you should drink the amount according to the actual thirst you are experiencing.

5. Sound sleep becomes the perfect end to your day :

Sleep is essential due to its tag team relationship with the output of your stress (and waking) hormone, cortisol, and also your blood sugar hormone, insulin. If you don’t sleep enough it’s likely you won’t be fueling yourself effectively, also sugar cravings and energy crashes are a given, all of which indicate that you’re not performing to your full potential.

6. Its miraculous how your body adapts : When you start running, there will be painful experiences in different parts of the body.  After an appropriate running, you will experience a different spark in the body where you will see the enhanced strength, stamina and the capability of your body.

7. Not a very good idea to try anything new on the race day  :

It’s important to have trained and completed your long runs in your shoes and any clothing you’re going to wear on marathon day. Don’t use race day to break in anything new.

8. Gaining weight is totally a normal thing :  It is normal to make an assumption that you will shed off pounds as you are running, but it could be a possibility that one could add on weight, it is because you are constantly eating.  It is completely fine if one gains weight while on training

9. Organization of a plan becomes a major task:

It is essential to organise as it is not only the run that one has to concentrate on, one has pay plan what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat.  You can refer to Fitso for more information on the diet plan to follow for marathon training.

10. Tracking your meals is now a part of your daily routine : Recording everything you eat 48 hours before your marathon is necessary .You don’t want to go over the top with carbo-loading.  One can aim for protein intake and little amount of carbohydrates and starch.   The last thing you want to feel is a big knot in your stomach.