Therapeutic Diet

Therapeutic Diet – All you need to know

  When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. And when diet is right, medicine is no need”

Well said! Your diet depicts your health. A healthy diet keeps you away from medicine and wrong diet keeps you close to disease. In short, diet plays a major role in curing diseases and restoring your health. A regular diet is a diet which we take every day and a therapeutic diet is the modified version of the regular diet.

What does Therapeutic Diet Mean?

The Therapeutic diet is specially formulated for the people with the certain special medical condition and also known as “Special diet” or “Modified diet”. It is made under the proper guidance of physician and dietician, this diet plan restrict the intake of certain food items or nutrients or allowed certain food item to your daily diet plan which keeps you healthy and fit for so many years.

In Therapeutic diet, the modification is done in certain nutrients, texture and food allergies. Here are the types of therapeutic diets:

  • Liquid Diet

Therapeutic Diet

As the name suggests, a diet which is completely based on the liquid food or a soft food which provide sufficient hydration. It is mostly recommended to the person to whom solid diet is not allowed. Liquid diet has two subtypes:

  • Clear Liquid Diet

A diet which is free from fibre and solid particles and can be digested easily is known as the clear liquid diet. It is mainly recommended for the Diarrhea patients and it helps in minimising the gastric stimulation.

Examples- Clear fruit juice, Filter apple juice, Coconut water, and Carbonated drinks.

  • Full Liquid Diet

A diet which includes fluids that are creamy and soft in texture and provides additional calories to the person who can’t tolerate a solid diet.

Examples- Milk, Custard, Juice with pulp yoghurt and Thinned hot cereals.

  • Soft Diet and Pureed Diet

Therapeutic Diet

Soft diet

This diet consists of soft food which is easy to swallow and chew. In this diet consistency of regular food change to a soft texture which easily chewable by a person who suffered from dysphasia.

Such as chopped fruits and vegetables, rice, mashed potato and ground meat.

Pureed diet

is the diet in which food is in the form of liquid consistency. Usually, to make the right consistency we use water. This diet is mainly designed for the patient having a poor dental condition.

  • High Fibre Diet

Therapeutic Diet

High fibre diet is the diet which is rich in lots of fibre intake. This diet is helpful in the treatment of constipation and diverticulosis.

Sources are whole grains, green vegetables & fruits, whole bread and cereals.

  • Diabetic Diet

Therapeutic Diet

The diabetic diet plan is one of the best and healthy diet plans, which controls the blood sugar level by providing carbohydrate, calories, fat and protein intake in a balanced ratio. Usually, in diabetic plan 1200,1500 and 2000 calories level are used.

  • Low Sodium Diet

Therapeutic Diet

Now it’s the right time to cut extra sodium in your diet, isn’t? Yes, this diet mainly targets on eating less than 2000 mg of sodium intake in your daily diet. This diet limits the salt and salty food such as dairy product, canned food, salted crackers and bacon. This diet is helpful in the treatment of not only liver and kidney but also helpful in heart diseases.

  • Low Fat Diet

Therapeutic Diet

When you are following the low-fat diet, you must choose a product which is low in carbs, fat, calories, and cholesterol. This diet mainly prefers lean meat, fish, poultry and a whole grain fruits and vegetables. In addition, this diet limits the fat level up to 50 grams which are helpful in curing the liver and pancreas treatment.

  • Renal Diet

Therapeutic Diet

When a doctor prescribes the renal diet what does it mean? Do you know this? This diet is prescribed in case of severe chronic kidney failure. It restricts the intake of sodium, phosphorus, potassium, limited level of protein and fluids.

Olive oil, cabbage, fish, egg white, cherries, red grapes, apples, onion, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage are the best kidney-friendly food items.

What are the benefits of Therapeutic Diet?
  • Helpful in treatment of various disease or disorder
  • Controls and manages the food allergies
  • Helps in the nutritional requirements of the body
  • Helps to minimise the deficiencies in the diet
  • This diet also focuses on psychology and social requirement of a person who is not well
  • This diet is the effective method for quick recovery of any patient

Always discuss with your doctor or dietician before adopting any kind of therapeutic diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long.