Fitness Superstition

The Top 9 Superstitious Facts Associated with Fitness

It is quite common that even professionals are trapped under superstitious myths of fitness. World class golfer Tiger Woods always wears a red T-shirt while competing on Sundays. Before the first serve tennis star, Serena Williams bounces the ball five times. Psychology says that superstitions are rooted in the desire to have control of uncertain situations.

Here is the list of myths that are associated with fitness.

Yoga Will Burn All Your Fats

Fitness Superstition_Yoga

The myth is totally wrong. Though yoga is the best form of exercise but it does not burn many calories as it does not require much oxygen. There is little effect on the muscles while performing yoga as compared to weight training.

Namaz Position And Its Benefits

Fitness Superstition Namaz

As Muslims eat a very heavy diet, all their food gets digested because they perform namaz 5 times a day. The way Muslims sit while performing namaz is similar to vajraasna; it is good for controlling cholesterol causing diabetes, strokes, and heart failure. Yogis prescribe vajraasna, as it improves the overall health and it is good for maintaining the body focus. Sitting with folded legs and straight back can curb indigestion, and this position is good for the improvement of joints. Whenever you are doing vajraasna, you are almost like a namazi.

The More You Sweat The Better You Exercise!

Fitness Workout Sweating

Don’t ever worry if you sweat too much while exercising, these are good signs for your body. Sweating has nothing to do with your workout. In fact, sweating does not indicate the number of calories you have burnt. It is a natural phenomenon designed inside the body to maintain the inner and outer temperature.

Caffeine Is Not Good For Health

Fitness Superstition-Coffee

Mostly, people are fond of coffee but it may harm your body if consumed in excess, but its moderate use has many benefits for athletic performance. It helps in releasing calcium stored inside the body, which endeavors your speed. Caffeine also affects your thinking capacity; hence you won’t be exhausted in a long distance run. It has the capacity to use fats rather than glycogen inside the muscles as energy quotient.

Is It Good To Eat Before A Workout?


It is recommended for ages that you should avoid eating shortly before exercise. Otherwise, there can be a prickle in your blood sugar which ultimately affects your performance. Avoiding food before exercise can maximize the fat burning capacity of the body. Fasting while exercising can maximize the impact of catalysts; hence there is the breakdown of fats and glycogen for energy.

Biting And Cutting Nails Here And There

Fitness Superstition_Nail Biting

Nail biting can lead to skin problems. Microorganisms like yeast and bacteria enter your body while biting, which can lead to redness, swelling and puss around your nails. A balanced, whole food diet is good for the nails. This may include free range eggs and grass free meat. Also, avoid exposure of your nails to excessive water and chemicals. Cutting your nails here and there does affect your fitness levels, as these may enter into the food items that you consume.

Fasting During The Navratri

Fitness Superstition_Navratra

You can practice fasting once a week, apart from navratri, in order to purify your inner self and mind you, it won’t affect you physically. You eat very light food during this festive season which is very nutritious; which prevents you from visiting your doctor for the sake of your health. While fasting for nine long days there is a purification of the gastrointestinal tract and cleansing of the surrounding organs. Gastric juices help in removing the extra fats from the body. There is an improvement in the digestive system and mind becomes peaceful and off course you receive blessings of your deities.

Why Yajnas Are Performed?

Fitness Superstition_Yajn

There is a ritual, spiritual and health benefit of performing a yajna. At times people perform such activities to curb infections and epidemics from the environment. This is done to satisfy the deities which otherwise are unsatisfied, hence they help in stopping the epidemics. Both heat and sound energy present in the atmosphere is affected while performing a yajna. Scientifically the essence and the voices during the yajna purify the vibrations in the surroundings.

Running Is Bad For The Knees

Fitness Superstition_Knee Pain

How would it look if you are wearing a kurta pajama while swimming? If you are not wearing the right shoes your knees may face serious injuries. Apart from this eating too much before your running event can prove dangerous as in hot weather condition you may faint and damage your knees.

It has been noticed that people with mythical perceptions have achieved a lot in athletics. Maybe it is the psychological pulse inside the achievers which makes them feel in a superstitious way and what is wrong if the end result is positive.