Tale of 10000 Calories-Consuming Homeless Man Weighing 147 Kg

Michael Bettis, a homeless man weighing 147 kg, who gorged on 10,000 calories a day has finally found love after making an incredible transformation.

Biggest Weight loser

Here is his earlier 10,000 calories diet

  • Morning: Breakfast at McDonalds – a value meal with a large coke, an additional sandwich, and cookies
  • Snacks: Cake
  • Lunch: Chinese buffet – three or four plates in one sitting
  • Dinner: At Taco Bell – tacos and burritos with as many as a dozen beers.

How did he transform?

Biggest Weight loser

“After I left school I lost a little bit of weight, but I became homeless,” he said. ”I was a difficult child and I left. I was 18 years old at the time and was living in my car for a few months and then my friends let me sleep on their couch.”

Depressed and contemplating suicide, a friend suggested he move out to California to work with him at a welding company.

Mike made the move to the sunny state and managed to get back on his feet.

But his increased pay packet meant he had more money to spend on food.

The job lasted for six months, but the company folded and Mike was left unemployed and feeling depressed.

That was when he finally decided to drastically overhaul his unhealthy habits. This changed everything for him. He immediately quit smoking and eating junk food and started lifting weights and eating fresh vegetables and lean meat.

‘I lost 38 kg in three months,’ he recalled. He said: ‘I found the strength to go to college – I’m a completely different person now.

How he found love?

Biggest Weight loser

Mike also noticed he received a different reception from women and enjoyed female attention for the first time in his life. Then, in late 2015, he met Andrea, a speech language pathologist, on Tinder. She also shares a love of fitness and healthy eating.

Together, the pair post fitness videos on his Instagram profile, @obesetoabeast, to motivate their followers.