Skipping Gym or Taking a Break : Good, Bad or Worst?

Working out on a regular basis is very essential for a healthy mind and even healthier body. Going to the gym puts you on the path of a stress-free and classy lifestyle. In this era of modernization, working out at a gym is more of a status symbol.

Why is there a need of hitting the Gym Regularly?

There are several reasons of hitting the gym, some of which are:

  • For Maintaining a healthy physique
  • To build your muscles
  • Toning of your body
  • Boosting your confidence
  • To shed extra weight and energy.

It’s actually a cycle, you go to the gym and workout, you feel better and the results make you look better which give a pump to your confidence and you tend to improve in every aspect of life.

Taking break from gym

What is all of a sudden you start skipping gym? What happens to the body when you quit working out at a gym?

Going to the Gym is a routine and it makes you totally dependent and when you skip the Gym there are side effects which spoils your body.

Here are some of the adverse effects of skipping gym, let’s open our eyes, get to know each and every point and throw them out of life:

  1. Laziness takes over you

Your body is amazing and can do absolutely anything the only trick is hard work. Sadly, when you quit working out, your body does too, and within this time period, it tends to develop a layer of cellulite. This causes extreme laziness and you will find yourself tired all the time, lethargic and going back to the gym seems like a nightmare.

Skipping the gym

    2. Say hello to extra pounds

There is no doubt that your body is indeed your best friend and taking care of your dear friend is the core responsibility. When you take a break, the effect of all your hard work nullifies as your body tends to work against dieting, gain extra pounds and you are back to square one.

  1. Goodbye stamina

You gain strength when you work out, and once the gym is over, get ready to say goodbye to your stamina. Sitting around all the time, the strength you have developed by working hard every day fades away. When the stamina is gone, it takes real courage to go back to the gym and start all over with painful cramps, body aches and vanishing will power.

Low Stamina after skipping gym for days

  1. Joint pains

When going regularly to the gym, the body becomes habitual of strength, power, energy and a healthy lifestyle. When you take a break from the gym, the body loses its strength and immunity which in turn aggravate joint pains.

Extreme joint pains

  1. Muscle pains and cramps

When you go to the gym regularly and work on your muscles, they experience certain pull and push movements and tend to expand with time. In case, you break the routine of muscles, they lose the hardness and come back to the level zero. Planning to join gym once again? Think over once again; get ready to experience the pain once again.

Muscle cramps

      6. Junk food is your new protein shake

Since you aren’t really working out therefore you have no motivation to eat right and end up making wrong choices. Comfort food takes over your life and you gain massive amount of weight which means returning to the gym, following the diet is like a challenge to compete.

Love for Junk Food

If you’re into Zumba or Aerobics, it is obvious that you are going to forget all the steps. So, when you return to work out again, it will be like a newbie coming back to the arena. This is one of the reason maximum people actually tend to give up and leave working out completely.

Memory Loss

So now, you are pretty clear that working out is indeed essential. But like every coin, it has its bad side as well. Sometimes you get burdened by work. There are a few moments in your life when you just cannot afford to get out and work it off. No matter how hard you try, some or the other time taking a break from the gym become essential.

Stay Motivated

But, to minimize the bad effect is to keep the body active. Do a little bit of a workout at home. Make a routine to do some exercises so that when you go back to the gym, you can continue from the level achieved. Enjoy this new lifestyle of working out at the gym. But, in case, you quit, be self-motivated, keep your body toned and enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle.