Top 10 Acclaimed Indian Swimmers

indian swimmers

Since the year 1896, Swimming is one of the primary five unique games to have been included in every release of the present day Olympics. Offering the second most significant number of opportunities after Athletics, Indian swimmers have bagged many records in both male and female categories. The integral governing apex for promotion and administration of […]

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10 Hidden Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of those few sports that is just perfectly a complete exercise and is suitable for people of almost all age groups. If you are 9 or you are 90 swimming benefits you in all ages. One of the best thing about swimming is that it does not require any extra gadgets and […]

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6 Common Swimming Myths

Myths of Swimming

What’s the most dreaded leg for triathletes? Most will say swimming! The reason might be running or cycling background of a triathlete in India, lack of swimming culture in India or limited access to swimming pools. While the first step – getting into a pool is important, it’s not the end. You need to have […]

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