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Think Our Membership Plans Are Too Expensive? Think Again!

So How did we come up with these numbers?

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First, a quick reminder!

As you already might know, we at Fitso are trying to bring about positive change & impact in the swimming space (since late 2017). We’ve been at it for almost a couple of years, and we’ve learned and seen a fair bit. We’ve reacted passively, actively and now we’re in a position to be proactive.

To quickly recap – we’re successfully operating 10 (7+3) swimming pools across Delhi NCR. We’ve had over ______ memberships, out of which we’ve facilitated the teaching and learning of ______ SEALs.


The What & Why of our Plans+Pricing!

We have 2 types of plans – Fixed and Flexi.

Fixed plans are basis half a week or a full week (‘week’ refers to 6 days; Tuesdays to Sundays). And Flexi plans have a set number of visits or sessions for a set period (like – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.) Our premium swimming pools are closed on Mondays. Why do you ask? Not because we need a weekly off for our staff, or a general day off every week. Our pools go through rigorous maintenance. We have extremely high standards when it comes to quality, cleanliness, sanitation & safety+security. We’re confident that our staff is well-equipped and well-trained to handle almost anything. The pools themselves, in terms of the water – is regularly cycled and filtrated; chlorine, pH, calcium is carefully monitored and tended to. In fact, Fitso being a ‘tech-forward’ co., we’re working on incorporating A.I. (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) to automate these processes and make everything work like clockwork.

We started with, and are continuing to deliver A+ services. That’s why we attach and emphasize the word, ‘Premium’.

The largest impact we believe that will help turn the tide in ‘swimming’s’ favor is making swimming pools accessible and available – year-round, no matter what the weather (climate?). Too cold outside? Put on a jacket, a sweater, whatever you need; cover yourself well. Once you enter our premises, not only is the temperature of the water controlled. The entire arena/complex runs a suitable temperature too. So you don’t have to worry about getting out of lukewarm water and then exposing yourself to the elements while drenched/dripping. We maintain ‘room temperature’ literally in the entire room, in all room(s).

No longer will swimming be a ‘summer’ activity only. Of course, we’d all like some sun & shine. Consider this! We teach you the ropes, the dos and don’ts, the strokes et al. Next thing, you guys disappear to some beach town during the winters and spend a couple of weeks swimming up and down the shore. Quite a picture we’ve painted right? But we aren’t painters, sure, we’re artists, and right now, our art, our focus, is to get YOU in the water and make you realize how beautiful it is. That feeling, of being one with the water, is next to none.  

So how do you get there? By simply becoming a Fitso SEALs member? No, not really. So you guys are like clay when you come to us. That art we were talking about earlier? That’s where our Coaches come in. They live and breathe the water. They live and breathe Swimming. They love working with ‘clay’. They mold you, sit with you, work with you, guide you, swim with you. That clay starts to take shape, assumes a form. You SEALs, overall, feel and witness a bigger-better version of yourselves. If that isn’t art, then I don’t want to know what is.

Our Coaches aren’t magicians. It takes time, it takes effort, from all parties. We’re in all the way. Are you? Our Coaches do work like magic though. How? They’re certified beyond any certification (at least in the country). You can read more here. We’ll be doing a whole other blog post to tell you what it takes to get certification from N.I.S. (National Institute of Sports). Long story short, our Coaches know what they’re doing. They’ve worked with all kinds of people, with different objectives and end goals (fear of drowning/open water, physical rehab/therapy, other strokes, competition). I can blow the Fitso trumpet all I want, why don’t we hear directly from the SEALs – (link to reviews, testimonials).


We’re trying to build and revive a swimming community. Make it for the masses. That takes time, a lot of time. We haven’t done too badly at all since we started in late 2017. It’s an ongoing process, ever-evolving #cantstop #wontstop. And this is where YOU come in. Your experience with us, as a Fitso SEAL, your background, your mental makeup, your goals, and objectives. We’re in this together, one big-a** happy family. We’ve got your back in terms of the infrastructure, the services & setup. The opportunity is yours! And we’re going to make YOU grab it, with all limbs, all-in.

Finally, we’re here to run a business. We have a vision. We obviously take ourselves seriously. We know what we can bring to the table. We value ourselves. We appreciate our mission and it can only be realized if that flows through every one of us. And that keeps us on our toes.


SO! when people possibly – *for lack of a better term* – bargain, we find it a bit hard to comprehend. We understand that the need to seek a ‘better deal’ is always on our minds. We’re a platform that makes sport accessible and fun. Hence, there’s no M.R.P… And yes, we offer discounts, we have seasonal sales, that tie-in to our sales numbers and strategy. But at the end of the day, we’re here for you. We’re here for this region (all of Delhi and peripheral NCR). We’re here for this COUNTRY!

We’re confident, that once you check out any of our premium swimming pools, you’ll be more than convinced. Please give us a try, give us a shout, and the rest is on us! Have some faith, because we’re trying to instill a belief. We want to earn your trust and loyalty. For that to happen, for us to continue offering and working on, ‘premium’ services and features, we’re going to charge a relevant amount. We’ve seen a great response thus far and we’re motivated to keep at it, to keep going. We CAN.NOT.WAIT to have you over and start paddling. You join us, we upgrade, we level up. You join us, you upgrade, you level up.

Here’s your chance – GO BIG SWIM or GO STAY HOME