Swimming in Noida decoded

Swimming is looked upon as fun or rather an activity of luxury or so was the case decades ago. Today, swimming has turned into a sport that keeps you fit and flexible. It is not just limited to a group but in fact, people from all walks of life and age groups enjoy swimming.

Swimming has several benefits which make it one of the most sought after activities. It burns calories, tones your muscles, builds muscular strength, exercises your lungs, and keeps stress at the bay. Children are advised to take up swimming right from their young age to develop posture, enhance their growth, and become more energetic and agile. Men and women enjoy the innumerable benefits of swimming to keep themselves healthy and youthful.

(Image: Temperature Controlled Indoor Swimming Pool at Sapphire International School, Sec 70 , Noida)

The one thing that might be a roadblock between you and your swimming would be a great swimming pool with state-of-the-art infrastructure, and preferably with Swimming Coaching. You’d want to choose a place that is hygienic, safe and secure for family, children, and women, with expert coaches to guide you on your swimming lessons. If you go search for “swimming pools near me in the high-tech city of Noida, you’ll find plenty of them. The best out there are FITSO swimming pools maintained by FITSO.

Fitso has two swim facilities in the area of Noida, with more launching this summer of 2020. The Noida folks can head for a swim at one of these swimming pools to keep the heat at the bay and also, exercise even if winters are right around the corner. How? Lets’ explore:

  1. Fitso has premium indoor swimming pools in Noida. The temperature-controlled swimming pools facilitate continuing with your swimming lessons even if the cold wind comes biting you! The temperature regulation system makes it easier to enjoy swimming by maintaining an ideal stable temperature of about 26-28 degrees celsius.
  2. The pools are clean, hygienic, and well-maintained by international standards. That’s one of the important factors to be looked for while zeroing in on a swimming facility. Fitso provides you with the water which is clean, pH regulated and chlorine regulated. It is the best you can ask for.
  3. The well-structured swimming coaching under the aegis of national level coaches helps you in excelling at the sport. Fitso’s YMCA, RLSS, and STA-UK certified coaches are qualified in stroke technique, swimming skills and water safety in an amicable environment. Coaches here conduct leisure swim sessions and Aqua exercise sessions as well to enable your effective learning.
  4. When it comes to constructing a suitable environment for women, Fitso doesn’t leave any stone unturned. Fitso has separate swimming pools and changing rooms for ladies. With a reasonably good count of female instructors, Fitso makes sure to provide a conducive atmosphere for the learning of their female members. A secure environment and friendly ambiance account for a fairly good percentage of women opting for Fitso. In addition to this, there is CCTV surveillance installed for better security. 
  5. Fitso goes a step ahead and provides swimming lessons to children of all levels. From group to one-to-one individual coaching, Fitso has it all to offer you quality. 

Fitso is an incredible choice you can make to get ahead in your swimming journey. The two facilities in Noida have a relaxed and friendly environment which is bound to make your experience worth every penny. So do not be left in a daze and just chase Fitso. 

(Image: Premium Indoor Swimming Pool at LPS School, Sec , Noida)

About FitsoFounded by IIT-Delhi Alumni, FITSO is India’s largest sports discovery platform. On FITSO apps, you can search for a sports facility near you, book your slot and just go and play your favourite sport! FITSO currently maintains the largest inventory of premium temperature controlled Swimming pools, indoor Badminton courts, Tennis courts, Cricket grounds, TT tables, Basketball courts, Squash arenas and access to 8+ sports in 5+ cities across India.

Content Credits: Khyati Gautam