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Waterproof Fitness Trackers for Swimming Enthusiasts

If you are a person who prefers to hit the water rather than the road, investing in a waterproof fitness tracker for swimming is one of the considerations you should make.

There are many waterproof fitness trackers but not all of them will help you with tracking data while swimming such as stroke count, distance, lengths, etc. So if you want to track your swimming data, you better choose what actually made for this job, i.e., A SWIMMING TRACKER!

Functions a swimming tracker must have:

  • Calories consumption counter
  • Distance measurement
  • Stroke count
  • Stroke rate sensor
  • Stopwatch

Review the design and the software functionalities

You need to review the following before buying any of your waterproof fitness tracker. Since you are in swimming, the most important feature is, of course, waterproof rating.

The ATM standards of a device will tell you how well it is protected from the effect of water. ATM is the atmosphere pressure unit which tells you how effective a device is in withstanding the pressure until a specific depth. Go for a gadget with a rating of 1 ATM (=approx. 1 bar) and above. A device rated with 1 ATM means it is waterproof for ten and more meters (390″) of water pressure.

You should also consider which software is included and whether you can sync your band with your mobile phone. Furthermore keep in mind that user-friendliness, design and the value of information that a device will provide are also important.

You will need a tracker which is comfortable to wear while swimming, one that will give an accurate reading and is easy to use. You have to decide if you would prefer to wear a watch on your arm, an ankle strap or a band around your head.

Why do we need waterproof fitness trackers for swimming?

  • It gives you the freedom to set targets.
  • Motivates you even in water.
  • Helps you to manage your training and work on it.
  • Keeps you accountable.
  • Helps you monitor your swim efficiently.

Following are some really good waterproof fitness trackers that can help you out with your swim tracks:


  • The Garmin Swim

Garmin Swim is ready to go right out of the box – just tell it the size of the pool you’re swimming in and begin your workout. Its sleek profile allows it to cut right through the water, so it won’t slow you down. And you can easily replace the battery yourself whenever needed (about once a year) so you’re always ready to go.
Price: $290.00

  • Misfit Shine 2

Shine 2 seamlessly tracks activity and sleep and delivers sophisticated information effortlessly and vibrantly with multicolor LEDs and a vibration motor. See your progress in a halo of rainbow-colored lights, or let Misfit Move encourage you to get active with a vibrational nudge and unique light animation. Get text and call notifications on your Shine 2 or connect Shine 2 with Misfit Link to control your world—play music, take a selfie, or interact with variety of internet services and smart home devices.
Price: $79.99

  • FINIS Swim Sense Waterproof Fitness Tracker

The Swimsense Live is a waterproof watch that uses proprietary algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data. Designed to help all swimmers, from beginner to elite, optimize time spent in the water. The Swimsense Live is engineered to capture stroke count, total distance, time/pace and more. Using the FINIS Live application, users can view and share workout data from multiple devices.The Swimsense Live is the ideal training tool for any swimmer looking to build motivation, promote healthy habits and make the most of every swim.
Price: $50.00

  • Garmin Forerunner 920XT Black/Blue Watch

Forerunner 920XT packs a fleet of high-end training features into a sleek watch that is wet suit-friendly and about 15 percent lighter than its predecessor, the Forerunner 910XT. It boasts a high-resolution color display; flexible, hinged bands and a watch mode, so you can wear it all day. The activity tracking feature measures your steps, sleep and calories burned all day, giving you a more complete picture of your daily activity.
Price: $499.99

  • Moov Now

MOOV NOW is MOOV’s 2nd generation multi-sport wearable wristband which is made for swimming. Of course, it is water & dust proof. The battery charge of the MOOV NOW will last as long as 6 months. Inside it has a 9-axis omni motion sensor to capture and analyze all your motion in 3D. Moov Now helps you to lower your stroke rate increase your distance per stroke. Because this wearable is specially designed for pool swimmers, you will have to enter the pool length to get accurate measurements.
Price: $59.95

  • Apple Watch Series 2,3

With built-in cellular, GPS and altimeter, Apple Watch Nike+ has all the features you need to take your run to the next level. You can even pair your watch wirelessly with compatible gym equipment.2 And it’s swimproof, so you can  take a post-run dip in the pool.

All these watches are available on the websites of these products as well as on www.amazon.com

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