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swimming classes in noida | swimming coaching | swimming training

Be it a fun activity or a physical activity, swimming has no boundaries. Here at Fitso, we have started the swimming classes in Noida called Fitso SEALs. The core and the foremost objective of the programme is to build this life-saving skill. Along with that, we ensure that you learn all the skills required to master the sport and not just the generic level. We also ensure that you gain the confidence to swim anywhere and everywhere.

We have a team of specialized swimming coaches armed with a well-designed training program to ensure individual attention and focus. This is the launching of first of its kind swimming classes in Noida.

  • Swimmers will be trained under the leadership of Mr. Amit Tomar for a period of three months.
  • Coaches will be there in the pool to observe your every movement and do whatever it takes to make you a better swimmer.
  • A video analysis will be done every month scrutinising your swimming strokes and work on measures to improve your skill.

Leadership Team:

swimming classes in noida | swimming coaching | swimming training

To make you a better swimmer, here are some of the things you can expect from our coaches.

  • Assessing your present swimming skill and designing a personalised training structure for the next 3 months to elevate your swimming skills.
  • Weekly training program will be given to you in advance every Tuesday.
  • Coaches will be present in the pool to correct you then and there.
  • A underwater video analysis of your swimming posture and movement which most definitely is a great tool to take corrective measures.
  • And the most importantly, our coaches will always be a motivating force to push your limits.

If you think it’s just another swimming session during summer, then sorry to disappoint you.

  • Apart from making you a better swimmer, our team of Fitso experts will also be present with you to make you a better swimmer.
  • Anytime you feel fatigue or any other medical issue, our physiotherapist will there to assist you.
  • Muscle strength is the most important aspect to become better swimmers so our coaches will ensure you build it by incorporating other training parallelly.
  • Lectures and theoretical workshop around swimming will also be conducted.
Fitso Swim Program: Swimming classes in noida
Underwater Video Analysis

So the important question, what can I expect at the end of the training session.

  • Ensure the goal set in the beginning of the course is achieved.
  • Becoming a confident swimmer in all depths of water and be able to swim at least one one km non-stop (if you have started from the beginners level)
  • Learnt the proper swimming posture which not only helps you become a better swimmer but also attain the speed in the water.
  • Effortless swimming that will test your endurance levels like never before.
  • If you are already swimming but struggling to keep up with time, then this program will boost your speed limits.

Finally, the one question that will cross your mind, is this program for me?

It is certainly yes, provided your are determined dream big and shine. This program is for everyone- beginner, intermediate and advanced, but the criteria we look forward is your WILL.

Swimming Classes in Noida:

Noida: Chilla Sports Complex, Vasundhara Enclave, Dallupura – 110096

Time Slots: Morning (6:00 – 7:00 AM, 7:00 – 8:00 AM) (Monday will be rest day)

Google Map:

Register for Program

If you have any questions or request to make or if you want to get it started at your place, reach out to us at:

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