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  • To build the most important life-saving skill, swimming.
  • Become a skilful swimmer. Swimming is all about skill which you need to learn.
  • Become confident in water so that you can swim anywhere and everywhere

How are we doing it?

Launching the first of its kind swimming classes in Gurgaon under the leadership of Mr. Surya.

Training 50 swimmers from Gurgaon for 3 months

Well structured training program and focus on the individual trainee is the key to execution.

Coaches will be physically present at the pool and will train you. We will do whatever it will take to make you swim better.

Underwater video analysis of swimming strokes once a month and corrective measures will be explained accordingly.

Leadership Team:

What can you expect from your Coach:

  • A detailed assessment of your present swimming level and accordingly setting up of your goal for next 3 months.
  • Weekly training program given to you in advance every Tuesday.
  • Live skill corrections during the sessions in the pool.
  • Underwater Video analysis of your swimming posture and correcting measures.
  • Also expect extra word of motivation when you’re done but not your workout. 🙂
Fitso Swim Program: Swimming classes in gurgaon delhi
Underwater Video Analysis

Strength Training, Workshops and Physio Service (Bonus Perks):

  • Not only your swim coach but the whole Fitso team of experts will work with you to help you become a better swimmer.
  • In case you face any medical issues, you can consult our in-house Physiotherapist anytime.

  • Coaches will help you build strength of muscles (untouched in run and cycle) needed to become better swimmers.
  • We will carry out theoretical workshops around swimming and guest lectures.
  • Also for those who will be interested, we will be giving you 1 Open water swimming session as well at the end of the course.

Expected Results in the end:

“Rise and Shine”

Meeting your goal set down in the beginning of the course.

Becoming confident swimmer in all kind of depths of the water and being able to swim at least 1 km non-stop (if you are starting from complete beginner level and train regularly)

Improvement in swimming posture which will itself increase your speed in water by huge margin

Effortless swimming with right posture and higher endurance.

Improved performance if you are already swimming but struggling to speed up.

Is this program for me?

Yes, it is, if you are determined. This program is for everyone – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The only criteria is- having a will.

About Classes:

Gurgaon: Baba Ganganath Academy, Next to Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1,  Sector 14

Time Slots: 5AM – 6AM & 9PM – 10PM (Tuesday will be rest day)

Location on Map:

Register for Program

If you have any questions or request to make or if you want to get it started at your place, reach out to us at:

25 comments on “Best Swimming Classes in Gurgaon – Fitso SEALs

    1. Hi Mona. Coaches will be present physically and mentally. It will be never like training program in swimming for adults in Delhi.

  1. Hi Saurabh!

    Would there be any provision of waterproof power glasses to wear under water for people like me who wear contact lenses for vision correction?


    1. Hey Rachna
      There are power swimming goggles that you can purchase from Flipkart or Lenskart which work really well, no hassle of lenses. Or you can wear good quality swim goggles which are completely sealed to avoid any water entering into the eye socket of the goggles.

      Hope this is helpful.

    1. Mona for you as discussed we are coming up with Ironman Tri Program but in general one should register asap to avail this early price else at the original price the program will be available later also.

  2. Is it possible to do a few classes without signing up for the 3 month course? I already swim long distances, but I’d like to improve my technique.

  3. Hey Saurabh,

    Is the Munirka pool heated since it will still be relatively cold then?

    How much of the focus will be on ground exercises vs. time in the water?

    Lastly, will the focus be on all for strokes or just freestyle.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.



  4. Can I still enroll in the program?
    Also, Can I enroll for a month as I have to travel onsite in May.

    Location: Gurgaon

  5. Hi! I would like to learn how to swim. I will be back in July. Travelling at the moment. Pls let me know available slots timing and cost per class. Thank you

  6. Hi,
    Are the classes on in winter? I left a message last weekend too but didn’t get a call.Are classes available on the day on weekends?

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