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Best Swimming Pools & Classes in Bangalore

In this scorching hot summer, everybody is in a mood to keep themselves immersed in a tub or pool of water. Also, the vacations call for students to join in various activities. In fact, swimming would be one of the best activities to indulge in as it will not only help to keep the heat away but also to have some healthy fun. Let’s check out some swimming pools in Bangalore.

Swimming Pools in Bangalore: Places to Check Out

Here in the garden city of Bangalore, there are so many clubs and arcades offering the facility of swimming pools to members as well as guests. They have large neat and tidy pools and host various activities like that of water aerobics and exercises, fun-filled pool games, pool parties and other events apart from the swimming sessions. If you are a non-swimmer, they also have trainers at your service. You can also be assured of the safety of both children and adults.

Enlisted below are some clubs and organizations offering swimming pools in Bangalore.

  1. Basavanagudi Aquatic Centre

swimming pools in bangalore

BAC is an aquatic centre that has been established in Bangalore for a glorious 25 years. They have also made tremendous achievements over the period in water sports. The Centre provides a well-maintained and hygienic pool to the public. The pool here is also claimed to be among the best swimming pools in the country.

They provide training for young talents to achieve significant levels in water sports like swimming, triathlon, diving, water polo, etc.

BAC offers summer swimming classes to children between the age of 5 to 15 and also adults. The sessions are usually held over April and May, with each class lasting for an hour. They have also allotted lady instructors for women in particular.

To join the classes, download the admission forms from its online website and submit it at BAC.

  1. Agon Sports

swimming pools in banglore

Agon Sports located in Hennur- Bagalur Main Road offers its guests many sports options including swimming. The pools here are designed keeping in mind everything required. The pools are clean, protected and well guarded. They have provided necessary shade over the pool to avoid tanning. If you wish to go swimming with your family, this is one recommended spot.

Their tariff starts at INR 2600 for weekends ( for one month) onwards and has different categories of swimming classes for kids and adults. For more information: http://agonsports.in/sports/swimming-pool

  1. Swimlife Swimming Academy

swimming pools in banglore

Swimlife swimming academy holds its motto as “Communicate, Educate and Motivate.” The Academy registered under Karnataka Swimming Association hosts sessions for infant swimming classes, aqua fitness classes, summer swimming camps and meets, training at basic and advanced levels.

For more information: http://swimlife.org/services.php

  1. Sprint Swimming Academy

swimming pools in banglore

Started by a bunch of swimming enthusiast, Sprint swimming academy has come a long way with several success stories to its credit. With a team of committed coaches instructors, the academy offers to coach to any or all age groups by providing best &  innovative swimming coaching job in the town. It is present in many locations in and around Bangalore.

  1. NGV Swimming Pool

swimming pools in banglore

This well-established club has a beautiful pool offering coaching classes and facilities in swimming for guests as well as its members. A guest is allowed to use the facilities here starting from a tariff of Rs 142 per person on a daily basis. Whereas if you plan on joining the club, you can avail the services at as low as Rs 36 per day.

For further details: http://www.buildersngvclub.com/tariff.html

  1. Nisha Millet Swimming Academy

swimming pools in banglore

Nisha Millet as the name suggests was found by the famous athlete and is now dedicated to her to coach students who aspire to achieve great heights in water sports. The academy which is certified must swim center, uses Nisha’s experience and expertise and has marked an enhanced level of its quality of coaching.

The academy mainly trains children of all age groups, adding back the fun in swimming lessons.

They are to begin the summer kid’s swimming camp on the 16th of May this year. For details log onto their online website.

  1. PM Swimming Centre

swimming pools in banglore

Located in Jayanagar, it is a sports academy which also provides swimming classes for students. With a student coach ratio of 10:1, here you can ensure that each student receives enough attention to be trained to excel. They also provide individual classes on request.

The sports academy also provides transportation facilities for ease. Its one of the best swimming pools in Bangalore.

  1. Tarun associates

swimming pools in banglore

Tarun Associates is a well-disciplined organization with an experienced coach dedicated to providing the best for its students. The chief coach, Mr H. C. Naresh keeps it strict when it comes to training his students in swimming and would suggest that it is not a place for revelry.