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Swimming Caps : Why are they important?

Found in bags of almost all swimmers, swimming caps are an essential swimming accessory used by both recreational and competitive swimmers. It is not required for swimming but it helps to be more comfortable and confident in water.

They are used for various reasons like

  • Filters are safe from getting clogged by loose hair.
  • Protects long hair from getting caught in any equipment.
  • Keeps the hair dry and safe from chlorinated water
  • They reduce drag.
  • During long swim sessions, swimming caps keep the swimmer’s head warm.
  • It helps in streamlining.

How to choose the right swimming caps?

When it comes down to it, there are no strict rules about swimming headwear. Pick a cap that meets your needs, whether it comes down to comfort, insulation, or just the color. And since swim caps are quite inexpensive, it’s a good idea to buy a few. That way you’re sure to have one on hand in case one rips.

Caps that will be best for your swimming experience:

  1. Speedo H2O Active Ultra Fizz Glitter Cap

    This really is the classic cap. It isn’t too tight or too loose, goes on and comes off really easily with no hair snagging and doesn’t budge an inch to let any air in during the swim. You’ll almost forget you’re wearing it. swimming caps

  2. Decathlon Nabaiji Swimming Cap

    This is an average swimming cap that is not too tight or too loose. It is a mesh swimming cap made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastane. It is the cheapest among the list but great for a swim and for practice use.swimming caps

  3. Aqua Sphere Aqua Glide Swim Cap

    Slightly larger than your average swimming cap on account of it being designed to cover ears, the ergonomically moulded ear pockets are certainly the USP of this silicone cap, though they do make it look a bit like a Halloween mask before you put it on. Having your ears totally covered underwater might be strange for some but it’s ideal for people who want to keep as much water out of their ears as possible, or for those who want to keep ear plugs firmly in place.

  4. Speedo Boom Ultra Pace Cap

    This cap is a really interesting compromise between a tight silicone cap designed to keep out water and a lycra cap that lets the water flow in. The exterior is made from water-resistant silicone, while the inside is a soft mesh material. It’s not too tight, so it’s really comfortable to wear, but that also means that water and air do sometimes get inside. swimming caps

  5. Maru Diving Skeleton Silicone Hat

    For something a bit more playful, Maru has a great range of stylish caps to choose from. They go on easily, stay put and don’t budge when you’re in the water. Despite being one of the cheapest cap on this list, the silicone feels good quality, lightweight (without being flimsy) and pleasingly soft to touch. This cap is a brilliant bargain option for anyone who wants to inject a bit of personality into their swimming wardrobe.These types of swimming caps will let you stand apart from crowd.

    maru skull swimming caps

  6. Zoggs Silicone Swimming Cap

    For those who are after something that seems a bit more classic, you can’t go wrong with a plain silicone cap from Zoggs. The interior of the cap is very lightly embossed with a grid pattern (officially an “embossed non-slip inner surface”), making it softer and easier to put on over dry hair. It stays in place and keeps the air out. It’s a great no-frills option that comes in a range of patterns and colours.swimming caps

  7. Orca Silicone Swimcap

    Another contender in the £6 category, the silicone of this hat is slightly thinner than its competitors, making it feel ever so slightly like a party balloon. It offers a snugger fit than most hats, which means that it doesn’t move an inch or let any air in, but that you’ll likely have a faint mark on your forehead at the end of your swim. The thinness of the silicone would make it a great option for a warmer day or outdoor summer swimming, and the range of bright colours are also great for visibility. swimming caps

  8. DreadLab Swim Cap

    This larger swimming cap is specially designed for dreadlocks, braids, extensions and very long hair that won’t fit into a regular cap. With sizes ranging from medium-large, large and extra large, most hair lengths are catered for, and the cap comes in a range of attractive colours in addition to plain black. The quality feels good, it stays in place when you’re swimming and keeps water entry to a minimum, which means hair stays pretty dry.

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