Sushant Singh Rajput Ironman Training

Can Sushant Singh Rajput really be IRONMAN?

This is being the talk of the industry! Can he really make it? Let’s see what is he up to!

Sushant Singh Rajput is one of the most unconventional stars in Bollywood in today’s time. With eclectic choices in films from M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story to Detective Byomkesh Bakshy to Raabta, he has tried it all.

Talk about being out of the box!  A diligent self-made actor, he is an all-rounder with a passion for sports and workouts. With his next film Kedarnath lined up, his platter seems full but that still leaves plenty room for sports and fitness.

A sneak peek into Sushant Singh Rajput’s fitness lifestyle


Sushant Singh Rajput is not just satiated by being a star, now his aim is to become ‘Ironman’ too. No, it is not the Marvel kind. His Instagram account was flooded with training videos for Ironman Triathlon.

His rigorous schedule inspires his fans exponentially. Ironman triathlon encompasses a 112-mile bicycle ride, 2.4 miles swim and a marathon of 26.22 miles. All of this has to be achieved without a break. Organised by the World Triathlon Corporation, the Ironman Triathlon is a part of the series of a long-distance triathlon.

  • Rigorous training schedules:

Sushant is a perfectionist and is pushing his own limits to achieve his fitness goal just like his career goal.

A true-blue sports enthusiast, Sushant aspires to showcase his very best in the Ironman triathlon and is training non-stop for this most gruelling one-day sporting event.

From 5-clap push-ups to skipping by the poolside he is doing it all. Recently he posted a video of himself skipping on a rain-soaked day on the rooftop of a hotel turning a 360 degree with his headphones on.

  •  Balanced Nutrition:


His chiselled body transformation was followed by a lot of scrutiny with regards to his fitness regime as well as his diet. He has given up on his favourite food aloo and gobhi parathas with butter.

This was replaced by boiled vegetables, sprouts, and protein shake to acquire his goal. He has also mentioned that “just a single calorie does have the ability to mess up with your fitness goals.”

This makes it very important to stick to a balanced meal which can help curb your cravings to the maximum.

  • Sushant’s previous experience about such events:

Sushant Singh Rajput has been exposed to meticulous training earlier too. This was with a Buddhist monk by the name Tony Jaa. He is also a highly popular martial artist, actor and action choreographer apart from being a stuntman, and director.

The Ironman triathlon is indeed the most gruelling one-day sporting event to be conducted by far as all the hurdles in this massive sports event have to be completed at once without any breaks.

But with Sushant’s latest obsession to conquer the Ironman triathlon, his previous workout experiences are only acting as a catalyst. His sport and fitness obsession has been clearly reflected from his movie M.S Dhoni and his current Instagram thread of him training hard for the Ironman Triathlon is just getting better.

  • Sushant’s secret of motivation:

Preparation for the Ironman Triathlon is an element of his spectacular 150 dreams that actually also encompasses getting Meryl Streep’s autograph and authoring a book.

Fitness has been his ultimate motivator. Sushant aims to humanise his celebrity status and influencing his fans positively about fitness is his driving factor. His resilience and versatility are his best virtues.

A powerhouse of talent Sushant is one of those celebrities who use fame positively to inspire his fans. He is a talented polymath and influencer who believes and aspires to acquire unattainable goals.

  • His dream bucket list:

The Ironman Marathon is at the third position in his bucket-list. Sushant Singh Rajput is now in experimental mode! Being famous in acting has not stopped him from living his dreams.

He is always in an experimental mode! Curious to know which are the other elements apart from the Ironman Triathlon in Sushant’s 150 ‘Spectacular Dreams’ list? According to the wish-list or rather goal-list that the actor has shared on social media, he has jotted down 150 dreams that he aims to accomplish.

This list included participating in the Ironman Marathon along with the actor’s other dreams of getting a flying license, playing football with Ronaldo, owning a Lamborghini and graduating without tests.

The actor is all geared up to making his dream come true and is prepping really hard for the event. The actor keeps his fan following constantly updated and informed about his journey. He also keeps them engaged with videos of his perfectly hardcore fitness training sessions.

  • Other celebs who have participated in “Ironman Triathlon”:

The list of activities in this triathlon has to completed within only 16 hours in order to win the title of ‘Ironman’. The Ironman triathlon is known for being one of the world’s toughest races.

Milind Soman is among those few Indian celebrities who have successfully completed it in the past. This has now been taken forward by Sushant Singh Rajput who is among the most unconventional stars in Bollywood today!


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