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TV Actor to Famous Star : Sushant Singh Rajput Fitness Secrets

Sushant Singh Rajput started his career as a TV actor, and he successfully accomplished the title of a star.  He then entered into the film world, and there also he gained his share of fame and popularity.  He has been in popular film such as PK, MS Dhoni, etc. He has a charming personality with cute face and dazzling smile.  He writes, “we all need three important things to achieve what we desire in life – discipline, hard work and, before everything, commitment.”

Workout Routine

sushant singh's workout

Sushant Singh wakes up at 5 AM in the morning and sleeps only for 5 hours. Sushant Singh Rajput is not a big fan of gymming.  He works out at the gym 4 days a week and maintains this regularity with utter determination. He added to his post that working out for 4 days a week leads him to achieve burning excessive calories, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes. This plan also gives him stronger bones, improved metabolism, and peaceful sleep.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

sushant singh doing wing chug fu

Sushant Singh likes to practice martial arts and Wing Chun Kung Fu, it is a concept that is Chinese martial art and a form of self-defense utilising both striking and grappling while specialising in close-range combat.  The core benefits of this technique are stronger legs, better posture, arm strength, toned upper muscles, improved upper body flexibility, burning excessive body fat, and a calm mind.

Horse Riding

sushant singh horse ridding

He loves horse riding and is his favourite hobby. Horse riding is not an easy task because it requires a great controlling power and determination. It is a great form of exercise, as it keeps you stay, fit and active. It offers great advantages as:

  • Improves health of heart
  • Strong and toned muscles
  • Augments body balance
  • Enable better reflexes
  • Enhances stamina


sushant singh ballet dance

Everyone knows that Sushant Singh is crazy about dance forms. Ballet dance improves balance level, coordination of various limbs, burns off fat and improves cardio health. It is a very simple form of dance that can be followed simply by watching videos like the one added here.

Sushant Singh’s Rajput Diet

Sushant is a believer of eating a right food. His favourite food is Aloo and Gobi Paranthas, which he has totally given up on. He has added to his fitness posts that even one extra calorie disturbs the entire fitness goals.

The actor from Patna switches to boiled sprouts from junk food as it is much healthier than junk food. The sprouts help you to fulfil the daily requirement of protein. It contains sufficient quantities of fibre, folate, antioxidants, and vitamin C. He consumes protein shakes on daily basis.  These are a healthy option and are now available in different flavours.  The charming actor keeps himself off from fried food items.

Sushant thinks that one should believe in oneself and never compromise with one’s dreams.