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Sunny Leone Fitness Secrets to Stay Fit & Healthy

Sunny Leone, born Karenjit Kaur Vohra, needs no special introduction. Since her appearance in Bigg Boss 2011, she has taken the Indian entertainment industry by storm as well as our hearts. Starting out as an adult film actress, she caught mainstream attention with her participation in the 2011 edition of Bigg Boss. Nearly 5 years later, she stands tall as one of the A-list celebrities in the country. While not curbing her talents, one can’t deny the defining factor to her success, is her appearance.

sunny leone workout, diet plan secrets

Sunny Leone is one of the fittest and hottest female celebrities today. With a perfectly toned body, she is one of the role models in India for female fitness. Maintaining a fit, curvy, toned body like her doesn’t just come with good genes. One has to put in the hours both in the gym and more importantly, the kitchen. Sunny Leone works out everyday without fail and maintains a strict diet. Both planned and provided by certified trainers and dieticians exclusively for her body type and lifestyle.

Here are the details to Sunny Leone workout and diet plan along with fitness tips.

Sunny Leone Workout

sunny leone's exercise trainer

She is trained by celebrity trainer Prashant Sawant at the Body Sculptor Gym where she works out up to 3 times a week at the gym with weights.  Sunny Leone does Yoga, Pilates on almost all other days including walking for upto half hour. Sunny Leones exercise usually lasts anywhere between 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Her main gym workout includes a blend of HIIT training for fat lass, cardio and free weights to keep the muscle groups in shape. She has spin sessions (certain occasions when schedule permits) as part of her cardio workout for optimal heart function. Her main approach to working out  a is functional training with weights for core strength and overall body muscle strength.

sunny leone workout boxing

Sunny Leone also does light sparring (boxing) sessions (when schedule permits) for mental and physical endurance. In weight training, her emphasis is on lower body exercise – Squats + Lunges. Sunny Leone lays emphasis on functional fitness with core strength for a fit looking body rather than just shape toning exercises.

sunny leones exercise includes yoga, pilates, HIIT

On rest days, Sunny does light cardio, yoga or pilates to keep her body in optimal shape and flexibility. It is important to keep the metabolism running when resting too. While the muscles recover from the weight training, yoga and pilates help her stretch the muscles for faster recovery.

Sunny Leone Diet Plan

Sunny starts off the day with a cup of black coffee. She says it’s the closest she can come to fulfilling her obsession over coffee.


Her breakfast includes couple of slices of toast and eggs whites along with a glass of milk to wash that down. Sometimes Sunny works out after having her breakfast if she not doing sessions of fasted cardio. Or if she has weight training.


Sunny has fresh Vegetables along with grilled chicken salad (Quinoa Salad with light dressing) for lunch. She tends to have minimal carbs from complex foods and sticks to raw organic foods.


Fresh fruits with slightly low sugar content that contain essential nutrients and natural carbs.

sunny leone diet plan

Snacks and Add-ons

Sunny continuously drinks coconut water as it is not only nutrient rich, but also cools down the system. She keeps having fruits, nuts, berries and fresh vegetables between her meals as they are low in calories but fill the stomach and provide all the natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins that she needs. Sunny Leone completely avoids junk foods and has a cheat meal or cheat once a while.

sunny leone diet plan cheat day with laddoo

Sunny Leone Fitness and Diet Tips

  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day
  • Opt for a functionally fit body rather than just focusing on looks
  • Avoid junk food, especially Indian street food
  • Avoid forzen, packed or processed foods
  • Have a black coffee over regular coffee

sunny leone fitness

The diet and workout plan for Sunny are completely customised by certified professionals based on her body and level of fitness. For best possible results, its is essential to have an expert set your regime according to your needs, lifestyle and current level of fitness.