sugarcane juice benefits

Sugarcane Juice: If It’s Not Part Of Your Diet, You Are Missing!

Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) juice is the liquid extracted from the stems of sugarcane. Sugarcane is one of the common crops grown in Southeast Asia and South Africa.

The juice is extracted with the aid of a motor machine that presses the stems between two iron rolls and the juice oozes out of the stems and is collected in the vessel at the bottom.

Sugarcane is a tall grass with a fibrous stalk. It is rich in glucose and rehydrates the body. Sugarcane juice benefits the body due to rich in calcium, potassium, vitamins, iron, essential minerals, phosphorus, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc. It is also a good source of phytonutrients, proteins, soluble fibre, and antioxidants. Due to its calories and few elements, one must be also well aware of sugarcane juice disadvantages.

Sugarcane juice is consumed worldwide and it is a traditional food in many parts of the world.  India and Brazil are the largest producers of the sugarcane in the world.  The local people drink the juice with a pinch of salt, lemon juice and mint leaves juice which adds on to the flavour.  Sugarcane juice benefits our health in a number of ways.

Sugarcane juice benefits

Sugarcane Juice Benefits:

1. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Sore Throat Remedy

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages and health benefits

Sugercane juice is best home remedy for a sore throat or flu.

2. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Increases Immunity

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages and health benefits

Sugarcane juice benefits in improving the immunity of the body as it is rich in antioxidants.

3. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Diuretic Effect

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages and health benefits

As sugarcane juice is diuretic; therefore it is employed in urinary treat infections and kidney stones.

4. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Helps in Jaundice

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages and health benefits

Jaundice is a disease characterized by increased concentration of bilirubin in the body which imparts yellow pigmentation to the skin. Sugarcane juice benefits in replenishing the nutrients lost in this disease.

5. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Increases Energy

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages and health benefits

Sugarcane is used as an energy drink in the summers as it is so full of nutrients that it hydrates the body and fights fatigue. It also counters dryness.

6. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Cures constipation

Sugarcane juice benefits

As sugarcane juice has high potassium levels, it is used to cure constipation.

7. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Helps in Diabetes

Sugarcane juice benefits: helps to prevent diabetes

People with diabetes are restricted on the consumption of sugar that is why sugarcane is recommended to these people when they crave for something sweet. It is because sugarcane juice has low glycemic index. It is a perfect energy drink for diabetes.

8. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Cures Acidity

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages and health benefits

Sugarcane is alkaline in nature and this property is useful for the cure of temporary acidity or stomach ulcers.

9. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Reduces risk of heart disease

Sugarcane juice benefits: prevent heart dieases

Sugarcane mitigates the bad cholesterol in the body so it reduces the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

10. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Aids in Weight Loss

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages and health benefits

Sugarcane contains natural sugars and a good amount of fibre, it helps in shedding weight. It has around 180 ounces per 5 ounce and has not fat.

11. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Helps in bone growth

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages and health benefits

Sugarcane has appropriate quantities of potassium and calcium which makes it useful for bone growth.

12. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Prevents cancer

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages and health benefits

It also prevents from cancer like prostate and breast cancer because of its alkaline property.

13. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Benefits Anemic patients

Sugarcane juice benefits to anemic patients, for it enhances Hb level in the body, as it is a good source of iron so it is given.

14. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Benefits Digestive System

Sugarcane juice benefits our digestive system in keeping it healthy as it is full of different enzymes and nutrients that the body needs for growth.

15. #SugarcaneJuiceBenefits: Helps in treating protein deficiency

It is a great aid in treating protein deficiency in the body.

Sugercan Farms - Sugarcane juice benefits

Sugarcane Juice Calories Consumption:

100 g of sugarcane contains 269 calories with 0 g fat and this is sufficient to be consumed in one day. It should not be taken in excess as it does have good quantities of sugar. Table sugar is prepared from the sugarcane juice. It can elevate sugar levels in the body if taken in excessive amounts.

Sugarcane Juice Disadvantages:

  • One of the main disadvantages of sugarcane is that it contains significant amounts of calories. It can lead to weight gain if consumed in great amounts. It is best to drink in moderate amounts.
  • Sugarcane is known to contain a substance called Policosanols. These are long chain waxy alcohols. Their excess intake causes dizziness, weight loss, upset stomach and insomnia.

How to take Sugarcane Juice?

  • It can be consumed in the form of a juice.
  • The stem of sugarcane can be chewed under the teeth.
  • Table sugar is a consumption form of sugarcane.

Sugarcane Juice in Glass - Sugarcane juice benefits

A squeeze of fresh lemons is added to the juice to improve its taste and the citrus property of lemons prevent oxidation of the juice. Fresh mint leaves are added to the machine to enhance its taste.

Sugarcane has a number of health benefits which are exploited by the food and science industry to obtain cure to many diseases in a natural way and to avoid synthetic ways. Sugarcane juice benefits our metabolism as it paces our metabolism to the appropriate level. There has been great success in discovering the potential of the sugarcane juice. One should take the advantage of the sugarcane juice benefits. It is a great alternative to artificial soft drinks in terms of its natural essence.

Sugarcane Juice Benefits