Success story of a common man

Success story of a common man: Sukhbir Lotey

Mr. Sukhbir Lotey from Mandi Ahmedgarh, Punjab has a success story that has been inspiring running and cycling enthusiasts all over the world. Having met with three major accidents in his life, Lotey rose from dust and ashes. It all started when he met the Indian Ironman, and co-founder of the fitness app, Fitso, Saurabh Aggarwal in the Delhi International Triathlon. It is an annual race featuring various formats of Running and Cycling. After a brief epiphany of Lotey’s story, Saurabh could see the immense amount of possibilities in him.
Sukhbir with his family

The Motivation

A family man, foodie, and more of a dice roller than a peddler or runner, Sukhbir Lotey had never run after school. In November, 2001 he met with an accident leaving him with a broken left leg and a rod in it to fix it. A couple of months later, overcoming his shortcomings, he started playing badminton. He continued his fitness perusal, fighting the pain in his leg and ended up starting running in winters. 5 am in January, Lotey used to run in below 7 Degree Celsius. His spirits were such that he used to cover miles in the darkness of the dawn. Extending his fervour for running he initiated his training with Google and YouTube as coach.
Sukhir selfie before starting his long cycling tour


May, 2015, Lotey suffered yet another accident. His left arm broke and he suffered multiple injuries. His muscle recovery improved through pedalling and sports. He embraced this change inspired by the possibility of being fit as before. Within a month, inspired by the cyclists he saw online, Lotey decided to pursue as his new hobby. Moulded by the enthralling experience, he went on to regain his health completely. He joined the Punjab Biker’s Group for a 200k brevet and explored the stirring experiences of cycling. Having personal achievements in cycling and running, Lotey started dreaming of completing the Duathlon, consisting of 10k running, 40 k cycling and 5 k running. But, despite of much hard-work his initial attempts failed miserably, losing the mark by around 30 minutes. This is when he met Saurabh in of the events. He had received a complementary gift coupon from after finishing the Duathlon in February, 2016. In order to cut-out the extra minutes, Lotey subscribed to Fitso under the guidance of Saurabh as coach and Fitso dietician, Tamanna.

Sukhbir while riding his bikeHe started running and cycling on a regular basis, under proper guidance and feedback. Although initially a struggle, Lotey completely transformed his daily diet plan. He lost 7kgs under the Fitso dietician which gave him a boost in pursuing his aim. He suppressed all doubts and let faith overcome his fears. Gradually he began seeing breakthrough results. From cycling at 16km/hr, Lotey recorded a feat of 22km/hr, and also boosted his running speed from 6km/hr to 8km/hr. He also saw a major improvement in his stamina. Lotey says, ‘The free training videos Fitso provides are a major hike in the fitness industry. I found them quite powerful. Also, my trainers are supportive and friendly’.



Despite going through innumerable hardships including the severe medical condition of his kid suffering from Malaria, he did not give up his dream of Duathlon. On the race day, having already offered his sleep to nervousness, Lotey reached the track empty stomach. But his hard-work produced results. He completed the race in 45 mins less than the allotted time i.e., 5 hrs. This feat he achieved has been motivating hundreds in his cycling and running groups to never lose hope. Lotey says, ‘Fitso has been quite instrumental as it has few of the best fitness coaches worldwide. Also, today, personal coaches are quite important as they are trustworthy and keep us motivated. What matters are the dreams you see. Aiming and trying your best is more important than achieving.’
Sukhbir with his local group of cyclist
Team Tandrusti, a cycling group started by Sukhbir

Fitso congratulates Sukhbir for this impeccable feat. With a broader perspective, his story can be summarized in a single line: He could, and he did. End of Story.

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