Success Story of A Common Man: Sachin Malik

Sachin was extremely active in Sports during his school and college time, however everything took a backseat owing to the obligations of setting up his family business and getting married. Almost 20 years down the line, he decided to revamp his lifestyle and refuel his passion for sports and fitness. He wanted to do something different, something that he could fondly remember for a lifetime. This is precisely why he aspires to go for the half-Ironman challenge next year.

He faced many challenges when he began his fitness journey. To begin with, he could not find sufficient data regarding Ironman preparation on the Internet. He was clueless about how to prepare for it, where to start, and what to do.
Sachin with his family
He couldn’t really figure it out where to focus- cycling, running, swimming, step by step, or all of them together. Since there had been a long gap in his fitness journey, he was perplexed.

Dealing with injuries, getting demotivated due to obstacles, and not being able to cope up with the pressure of outperforming himself were some of his additional horrors.

That’s when he got a coupon/voucher for free online training with Fitso when he won the Delhi Marathon.
Sachin going for paragliding
And the rest is history. He has been constantly succeeding in his endeavours since then.
He recounts an incident where he was under severe pain due to a knee injury during his run and fondly recalls that had he not talked to Saurabh (Ironman, Founder of Fitso), he wouldn’t have been able to gather the strength and energy for any subsequent run. Such was the effect of the motivation he received.

Recollecting another incident where he fell from a cycle and got a fracture in his collar bone, he says he was advised by the doctors to quit all physical activity for a month. Miss Ankita (Fitso’s dietician) greatly helped him during this time by keeping a check on the desired weight limit, a crucial factor governing the success factors in a Triathlon.

He says that we all may have thousands of reasons to not do something. However, we need just one to succeed.
Sachin doing zip lining
He regards Fitso as the turning point in his life – in terms of motivation, guidance, and holistic support provided by Saurabh and Ankita. The direct contact with his coaches and the mentorship provided by them helped him stay on the right track. Till date, for keeping up with his exercise regimen, he doesn’t need to specifically go anywhere and can devote the activities as much time as he wishes to, whenever he wants.

The GPS tracker feature available in the app monitors his progress and he knows exactly what has been achieved and what more needs to be done. Another feature loved by him is the weekly/monthly dose of the challenges, which help him maintain a social circle and keep him inspired throughout.

When asked if he’s satisfied with his training for Ironman challenge provided by Fitso, he smiles with an emphatic YES! Talking about his views on the importance of coaches, he strongly emphasizes that one should trust their coach entirely, surrender to him, and follow the instructions religiously. (He does this by giving an example of “Guru pratha” from the previous era). As per his opinion, it is fundamental to have a coach for achieving fitness goals – to quantify the deliverables and improve upon the quality of the regimen in real time.

We wish him the best of luck for his journey ahead and hope that he achieves his dream pretty soon!


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