Are You Stretching in Right or Wrong Way?

Stretching is the best way to improve body flexibility and stability. Proper stretching techniques make your balance better. If the style is wrong, it may lead serious injury. While stretching, you must avoid some common mistakes to make your workout productive. Is stretching a part of your daily physical activities? Then you must know the common mistakes one can do during stretching? How to know your technique is right or wrong? Feeling confused? Not to worry. We can help you. We have listed 10 common mistakes. Take a look.

  1. You stretch when you wake up:

    stretch when you wake
    This is the most common mistake we do every day. When you sleep, your body temperature drops and your muscles become inactive. As a result, muscles may be stiff after a full night’s sleep. If you try to break this stiffness, it may hurt your muscle. Don’t perform stretch immediately after you wake up. Take atleast 10 minutes.

  2. You stretch without warm up session:

    stretch without warm up
    A small warm up session before stretching is really helpful. Have you ever tried? If not, let us tell you one thing, cold muscles are stiff and stretching without warm up session may lead to strains. A 10-15 minutes warm up session will improve the stability and balance and make you ready for the stretch.

  3. You stretch until it hurts you: 

    stretch until it hurts
    Do you stretch yourself beyond your comfort level? If yes, don’t perform the stretch beyond your comfort level. It will hurt you. As per your body system, do stretching. If you think holding your stretch for a long time will make you more flexible, it’s totally wrong concept. Spending 60 seconds on one area may damage your muscle and lowers your performance. The ideal amount of time for each muscle group should be 20 seconds.

    If you are genetically flexible, there is no need of stretching. Overstretching may tear your muscles.

  1. You only stretch your arms and legs: 

    stretch your arms and legs
    You only focus on your arms and legs? What’s about the other body parts? Most of people ignore other areas. The other vital parts also need a little bit of flexibility. For overall fitness level, perform stretching for below-mentioned areas at least for 20 secs.

  • Shoulders: Firstly, extend one arm straight up overhead. Now, bend your elbow and keep your hand behind the head. Pull the elbow behind your head within the other hand.
  • Lower Back: Firstly, sit on the ground. Now stretch your legs with your hands. Pull your upper body towards your legs.
  • Quads: Firstly, take a large step in the forward direction. Keep the back leg long and front knee behind the front foot. Now, bend the knee and lower into the lunge. Repeat the same posture on the opposite side.
  • Hamstrings: Firstly, sit on the ground. Keep your legs apart. Bend one knee against the opposite leg’s inner thigh. Repeat this posture on the opposite side.
  • Calves: Firstly, stand in front of a wall. Start in a staggered position with one leg in front of the other leg. Keep both palms on the wall. Try to lean forward by bending back knee. Repeat this posture on the opposite side.
  1. You stretch on a soft bed or on a hard floor:

    stretch on a hard floor
    Stretching on soft bed or hard floor is a bad idea. Both these surfaces are inconvenient for stretching. They won’t support the right posture. Your body sinks into the soft bed and you won’t feel comfortable on hard floor. You can consider mat or a thick carpet, on which you can perform the stretch.

  2. You stretch before jogging:

    stretch before jogging
    This is the common habit of joggers. Performing stretch before jogging doesn’t add any extra value to your performance. This is a complete waste of time and energy.

  3. You stretch after workout :

    stretch after workout
    Many people stretch after each workout session. Are you one of them? Then, let us you tell you that it’s not necessary. After intensive workout, your muscle may be left in a shortened state. Now, if you again try to stretch those muscles, it may create soreness.

  4. You foam-roll:

    Foam-rolling makes you comfortable before work-out. It won’t help you much. You make sure that you are doing stretching instead of foam-rolling.

  5. You bounce while stretching:

    bounce while stretching
    If you bounce during the stretch, it may tear your muscle and results in long-term damage.

  6. You hold your breath during stretching: 

    hold breath during stretching
    Right posture along with proper breathing technique is fruitful. Don’t hold your breath for a long time. A study says that 25-30 secs hold is enough for the perfect stretch. Proper breathing supplies energy to the muscles and improves the effectiveness.

Now, you have known the common mistakes. Avoid these mistakes. Do the stretch in a proper way and avail the benefits of stretching. All the best!