Stay Fit With Busy Schedule

How To Stay Fit With Busy Schedule

If you are one of those unfortunate working class people, whose work schedule is always booked solid – no wonder finding a way out to keep your body fit could be next to impossible. But fret not, as we bring to you 6 handy techniques to stay healthy when you’re short on time to stay fit with busy schedule!

Make your commute a real workout

1. Take the stairs
Every time you need to enter or exit the building, take the stairs. Walking up and down the stairs help you do good leg workout. It moreover is a perfect cardio for your entire body.

2. Rely on casual activities
In case you have no time for a real workout relying on casual activities like speed walk while taking your dog out for a walk or going to a grocery store. Look for excuses to fit-in a little body workout, while performing your day-to-day chores.

3. Be smart about business lunches
Business lunches are generally high in calories. Chose only healthy restaurant while going for a business lunch or perhaps take your own lunch to avoid a calorie-rich food.

4. Try multitasking
If possible, try multitasking while working in your office. This could include something like peddling on a stationary bike while replying a few emails or wear a headset and pace while talking to your clients on phone.

5. Don’t compromise with sleep
Sleep is one thing that you should never compromise with. Getting a minimum of good 6 hours sleep is important not only to keep your brain fit and healthy but also to improve your overall health.

6. If your workplace is not too far from your home, make your commute a real workout. Rather than driving yourself in a car or taking a taxi, walk all the way to your office or perhaps jog or cycle. If not every day, try to follow this routine twice or thrice a week.

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