running in the heat

10 Tips to Stay Cool and Keep Running in Summers

Summer provides an opportunity for those fitness freaks that sports a chiseled physique to flaunt their body. People who love to exercise doesn’t care whether it is summer or winter or rain, they find no excuses when it comes to leading a healthy life.

But it is necessary for them to perform physical activities with certain care during summers. Exercising or doing any physical activity at high temperatures can affect your cardiovascular system and in result drains your whole body. Running in the heat can increase the sweat production and also increase the heart rate which can lead to dilated blood vessels. Thus, it is necessary for you to keep few things in mind before you all go running in this scorching heat.

  1. Look out for early morning runs:

    go for early morning runs

Sun rises early and sets late during the summer, thus making the most out of it. Go for your run when the mercury is at its lowest. But it is not necessary for you to go early mornings; you can opt for evenings also. Mornings are the best because you start fresh while evening seems a bit tense as you come home from a long day of work or school. But both ways are better than running in the heat. The atmosphere around mornings is pleasant, and it can boost your mood for the rest of the day.

  1. Make it adaptable to the body slowly:

    take it slow

Fitness doesn’t mean go out running in the heat without any proper goal and orientation. Take your summer workouts slowly and steadily. Avoid intense workouts for the first few days just to get familiar with the heat and temperature. It is very important as intense workouts from the beginning will not be accepted by your body, and you might suffer from dehydration and other heat-related problems.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day:

    keep yourself hydrated

Water is very essential for you and so many people would have suggested you to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water to keep your body hydrated. Running in the heat will drain out all your minerals, electrolytes and energy in the form of sweat. Thus, drink a glass of water before you go running. Also, you can bring a water bottle or any other liquid drink with you when you are running. It will help you refuel all your lost minerals and energy you lost while running.

  1. Go for a run near cooler places:

    run near cooler places

Here cooler places don’t mean that you have to go for the hilly regions just for your runs. I mean places such as parks, where there are a lot of trees and grass, near the riverside or the oceans, if you live in that locality. Oceans and rivers create cool, windy conditions and it is best for the runners to run near these regions as it will maintain the temperature of your body and you won’t drain put excess sweat either. The results will be more promising when you run in shades and cooler places instead of running in the heat.

  1. Prefer an ideal outfit for your daily runs:

    proper outfit for run

Running in the heat can prove to be far worse if the running outfit of yours tend to be not ideal enough for the scorching heat. Sumer and heat are not all about producing excess sweat and draining out, walking under the sun can be more serious than that. Direct sun rays can affect your skin very badly. So always wear sunscreen when you go out for a run. Wear something which is loose so that heat does not build inside the clothes. You can purchase a separate running outfit made from moisture-wicking materials.

  1. Skin is also an important organ to protect in the heat:

    skin is important to protect from heat

Use the best sunscreens when you are out in the heat. The direct sun rays are UV prone and will affect your skin in a bad way. When you are running in the heat or just simply exposed to the direct sun rays, the ultra violet rays of the sun can lead to various skin diseases. Thus, always wear a sunscreen of proper SPF value.

  1. Always keep a tab on your daily mineral intake:

    daily minral intake

Summers can be rough if you don’t eat healthy. Minerals and vitamin rich food should be your diet preference during summer. Running in the heat make your body loose all the minerals and electrolytes from your body in the form of sweat. Therefore, eat natural foods rich in vitamins and minerals like banana, dry fruits and multi-grains.

  1. Pour it on; cool down your body temperature with a nice shower:

    cool down body temperature

During summer, whether you workout or not, take two baths a day. It will help you refresh out. While running in the heat, you will produce excess sweat and attract dirt. Working out in the heat will rise your body temperature and also make your skin attracted to dirt and germs, thus is it necessary for you to take a shower at least twice a day. One thing to keep in mind, not take a shower until your body reaches its normal temperature, otherwise you may complain from muscle stiffness and cramps.

  1. Make the heat your running buddy:

    adept heat

Running in the heat is a challenging task, but when you tend to do so every day, your body starts getting adjusted to the heat and temperature. This will only happen when you are regular with your running. You will sweat less and will increase the endurance day by day.

  1. Instead of going out, try a treadmill:

    try treadmill

Running outdoors is a healthy approach but when the sun is at the top of the sky, prefer running on a treadmill. It will do the same benefit as the running outdoors does, and you will be protected from the sun and heat also.

Running has many benefits, and if you tend to keep up with this routine, you will stay healthy for the rest of your life. The factor which might come into your way of reaching a healthy body is the summer. Nobody is saying that summers are bad, but for some reasons summers can prove to be a little tough for some people. Running in the heat will drain out your entire body of minerals and vitamins. Therefore, you are required to take care of your body from the inside as well as the outside as high temperature affects a human body in every manner. So, from being hydrated throughout the day to protecting your skin from the rays of the sun, you are required to take care of your body in every way possible.