sonakshi sinha weight loss

Sonakshi Sinha Weight Loss Journey and Diet Plan

Sonakshi Sinha has surprised the Bollywood fans with her tremendous weight loss. She has lost 30 kg with her terrific weight loss diet plan and workout routine. If you think so that it is so difficult, then you are wrong, one just needs a dedicated plan and it gets really simple. She stopped eating junk and started eating her mother’s delicious food. She has worked really hard to get in shape to meet the criteria of a well-toned figure that most Bollywood actresses have. Read further about Sonakshi Sinha weight loss.

sonakshi sinha weight loss

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Sonakshi Sinha has a passion for different varieties of food and does not believe in depriving oneself of their favorite food. She has adopted herself in such a way that instead of curtailing all her favorite food items, she focuses on having lesser quantities. She likes to eat small meals every 2-3 hours in a day. This diet plan also keeps the metabolism rate up all day. She followed a diet that comprised foods of high protein source and low carbohydrate content in order to advocate her intense exercise routine.

She strictly followed a combination of diet and exercise. She avoided all kinds of junk foods and processed foods. She made green tea as her favorite beverage and she drinks it twice or thrice a day.

sonakshi sinha weight loss

Here is an idea of her diet plan:

Breakfast – Milk and cereals or whole wheat toast

Mid-Morning Snacks – 1 Cup green tea + Some dry fruits

Lunch – Homemade roti with vegetables and salad

Evening Snacks – 1 Fruit + Few diet biscuits + 1 Cup green tea

Dinner – Fish or Egg whites, Chicken, Daal, Veggies

sonakshi sinha weight loss

Sonakshi Sinha Workout Plan

To accomplish a great weight loss, diet alone cannot help and there is a need for a strict workout plan. Sonakshi Sinha experienced pains and aches in the beginning, but she did not lose her determination and continued with her workout.

Her workout plan comprises strengthening core muscles along with cardio workouts for 3 days and Bikram Yoga for the rest of 2 days of the week. Bikram yoga is a yoga that is executed in a hot room with the temperature around 40 degrees Celsius. This yoga affects immensely, losing several pounds with just 25 minutes. She hits the gym twice daily. Her workout plan also includes functional training, intense weight training, and spinning except yoga and cardio workouts.

sonakshi sinha weight loss

Some days she also plays tennis, which is her favorite sport and is indeed a great form of physical activity.