importance of self defence

Self-Defence and Its Importance for All in Today’s World

Self-Defense is the method by which one can protect oneself with one’s own strength. It involves various techniques but the first step towards it is Fitness. Learning self-defense through fitness is of prime importance as there are tremendous power imbalance and unsafety where we live today. This also tends to break the stereotype about women. As a matter of fact, Self defense is needed by both the two genders in this time where mob attacks are a common thing. It also helps in cases of gender violence as there are many that go unreported. This is making learning self-defense imperative day by day.

Why is Self-Defense Important?

importance of self defence

Self-defense is important today because of the increasing crime rate against women in India. This includes rape, sexual assaults, molestation, kidnapping, and murder. The list of gruesome crimes in India are endless and this is towards both the gender. Other brutal crimes such as acid attacks, groping and eve-teasing are captured in the newspapers time and again. In fact, there are many that are not captured as well. This has made learning Self-Defense for Women more than important. Being cautious is key too which is taught in this defense form as criminals select the targets who are unaware of their surroundings. Self-defense for women makes them aware, cautious and equipped in times of danger against these criminals. This can also mitigate the count of crimes against women.

Importance of Self-Defense for All in the Wake of Increasing Gender and Sexual Harassment

Self-defense today is crucial to all irrespective of the gender as mob attacks and other scenarios have come into the picture. Below reasons remind us why not to give learning self-defense a skip!

  1. Confidence is Key

Self-defense is highly crucial in danger and intimidating situations to avoid you from being shaken and froze. It gives you confidence and knowledge to back yourself in an unfavorable scenario. The self-defense techniques can help you to avoid someone from overpowering you or harming you in your domestic, corporate life as well as elsewhere.

  1. Self-Defense for Women and Men

Men face similar situations as compared to women. Violence against men is constantly increasing which makes it a crucial tool for women and men equally. Make it contagious and ask your loved ones to sign up for it too.

Types of Self-Defense

There are various types of self-defense activities

  • Kickboxing: Kickboxing is one such activity that has been drawing people towards this field. It is a great cardiovascular workout, and one of the best forms of martial arts offering a good fitness streak for everyone who chooses to opt for it men and women alike. Kickboxing punches and kicks can also be used practically speaking and is a great form of workout to lose weight. Cardio kickboxing is one such type. In this program, especially a high-quality kickboxing class is fully focused on exercise and fitness first. This can be better than a gym work out you just have to opt for two kickboxing classes a week. Fitness kickboxing is here to stay for a very long time and is one of the best forms of Self defense.

importance of self defence

  • Taekwondo: Ancient martial art form, Taekwondo helps you to reach your inner zen and energy. This martial art form was developed over 1,000 years ago. If you are more inclined towards an ethical and nonaggressive type of self-defense form this is the self-defense form you must adapt. This system of self-defense is characterized by striking and kicking and relies more on speed and agility along with breath control. Breathing in Taekwondo helps you to focus on your inner power wherein the body is able to function in an optimum manner as the brain functions in an enhanced way. Fight-or-flight situation, Taekwondo helps you tackle both. Taekwondo transforms itself through the different stages and helps you interact with like-minded people. This skill can be honed and sharpened with time to become more proficient and unique.

importance of self defence

Why Choose Fitso for Learning Self-Defense?

Fitso has always believed in evolving and challenging its existing functions to give fitness enthusiasts more every day. With swimming, marathons, sports events, holistic sports activities Fitso has left no stone unturned to deliver quality resources, infrastructure, and certified coaches to equip you with the best in fitness. Self-defense is an extended form of fitness and goes hand in hand. Learn to protect yourself and be independent with the best in town, Fitso sports. Because, why not?

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