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Entrepreneurship & Running: The secret of Entrepreneurs

Despite the fact that the connection between Entrepreneurship & Running seems amazingly bizarre, there are some qualities of the sport that entrepreneurs can adapt to. ‘Running a business’ aligns very closely with ‘running for fitness’. Some believes that since most successful entrepreneurs include running in their daily schedule, its likely the Secret of Entrepreneurs’ success. Having said that, let’s focus on how.


First of all, keeping up with the pace is a must for both. If one tries to run very fast in the beginning using all his energy to the maximum, sooner or later he will be exhausted – resulting into failure to complete the race. Same analogy applies to an entrepreneur. He has to strategize his business keeping in mind the consequences of not pushing beyond the limit. Not fluctuations, but consistency is what will help you in a long run.
Determination is another quality that can be learned from a runner. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to make your business bigger and better. Never give up because of early failures but rather learn from them and train yourself keeping those failures in mind. Winning a marathon doesn’t happen overnight neither does the progress of a venture. Putting in a lot of hard efforts will only get you there.
A runner always has his plan ready before he initiates the race. He knows exactly how to train himself, what the target pace should be and how much time he needs – and so should entrepreneurs. Running a business requires a lot of planning and one who wants to achieve the mark has to have concrete plans regarding the future.
Lastly, try to run your own sake sometimes. A runner doesn’t always run for winning. Sometimes, he does so just because he enjoys the sport. Always keep an eye on what others are doing and follow the model. Nothing is wrong with that. Sometimes you have to take risks if you have gut instincts. It might not be successful but it will surely improve how you’ll behave in future.

So be it fitness or business – hard work, a plan and a determined target is what is needed to keep things on right track. With a well maintained speed, it is lot more easy to achieve the goal. So go out, hit the pavement for a while, train for some time and come back to win the race. Remember what Jimmy Buffet once said, “Go fast enough to go there, but slow enough to see.”

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