Sauna helps in weight loss

Do Saunas Help You Lose Weight?

Girl enjoying Sauna

Wouldn’t that be a delight? Sitting on your bottom in a steamy room, all the while losing weight? But as fancy as it sounds, the real question is whether or not it is true. Well, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that you do lose weight. Bad news: You only lose water weight. What is worse is that by sweating out, you are in fact dehydrating yourself a.k.a. losing precious water and by not replacing the lost volume, you are just making it harder to lose weight as hydration plays a vital role in shedding weight. You did not really expect to burn off loads of calories just sitting, did you?

Do sauna really help you lose weight?

Do Saunas Help You Lose Weight?

The bitter truth is that it is better if you actually get up and get fit by doing physical exercises. No pain, no gain, right? A sauna just helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenates your mind while also causing temporary weight loss. This weight loss, however, is gained as soon as you drink water only to render it rather pointless. Increase in body heat, however, boosts your metabolism by up to 20% which makes your heart beat considerably faster and it is really quite therapeutic indirectly. You can burn up to 500 calories using Sauna and a few professionals actually use this as a technique to lose weight before a sporting event. This state of dehydration, however, has temporary effects only, so it is not a long term solution if you were hoping to take the easy way out.

How to make sauna session more effective?

How do you lose weight with effective sauna session?

There is a technique to use sauna sessions effectively though, and here is the secret. Start slow and short. Take around 15-minute sessions two times a week at 150 degrees. Once your body is well acquainted with the regime, increase the sessions to around 30 minutes. Once you are comfortable with the pace and start feeling the detox, you can continue at a steady rate keeping in mind to hydrate yourself before, during and crucially after the sauna session. Combine it with a fixed healthy diet and routine workout to bring out marvelous results. You can also use sauna after your workout for total relaxation and it also wondrously relieves your body of pain. One thing to remember is to not exceed 2 or 3 sauna sessions a week as you may become too dehydrated which will have you feeling like crap rather than rejuvenated and energized. Always check with your doctor if you are on medications such as those used to treat blood pressure, blood sugar and definitely if you have any type of cardiovascular condition that may pose an immense threat to your life when combined with the extremes of heat in the sauna.

If you indeed use sauna in an efficient way, it can be an immense aid to the dream body you hope to achieve. You might stop to think “if you are in a really hot room and your metabolism skyrockets, you would burn more calories and produce more heat, so isn’t that harmful?” luckily, however, that is when sweating profusely saves you. The sweat steals heat away from your body and evaporates, leaving you literally as cool as a cucumber. Remember though, that it does not help you to burn fat or lose weight. You could also try the exact opposite, sit in a tub of cold water, your body loses heat and has to make up for it, impressive, isn’t it?

There is no ignoring the truth that you will gain greater benefits by actually working out. It is a method of boosting your metabolism naturally, not effortlessly but then all good things come at a cost, do they not? Working out regularly will make you feel no need to take short cuts to fitness and you will also gain numerous other benefits apart from soaring confidence levels and a hot body.

Types of Sauna

Girl enjoying sauna. But does this help you lose weight?

Now, there are two kinds of saunas, wet saunas and dry saunas. Temperatures in wet saunas are lesser, it can go up to 250 degrees in dry ones. Interestingly, the high temperatures in the sauna causes blood vessels to dilate and increase the flow of blood to the skin. So, basically you are getting free cardio exercise while, simply sitting in a hot room. Saunas help you get awesome hair by activating sebaceous glands that condition and moisturize your hair giving it that natural shine.  It also improves endurance by increasing heat tolerance thresholds. This shows up directly in performance. Also, saunas are a great way to exercise skin. The older we get, more dead cells accumulate in our skin pores and the skin becomes less elastic. A few sessions in the sauna improves blood flow to our skin, which aids the growth of new skin and also removes all the dead cells that were building up previously. The oils, which are the natural moisturizers and antibiotics present in our skin are mobilized through saunas. This helps us to look younger in a significant way. Simply, it exposes new skin after eliminating dead skin cells. Saunas are also known to flush toxins through sweat which can indeed do miraculous things for your body.

Risk associated with Sauna and tackling tips

Risk associated with Sauna for skin

But there are risks as well, the major one is associated with dehydration. To tackle that, all you need is to drink adequate water before entering the sauna room. Also, drink plenty of cool water once you come out. This will balance the water loss of your body and bring you back to homeostasis. Another thing you must absolutely do after a sauna session is to take a cool shower. It reverses the vasodilation and prevents that woozy feeling from continuing after the sauna. Also. Do not forget to stretch your muscles sufficiently to help your body to circulate any buildup of metabolic acids that may have occurred from your exercise routine.

All that said, feel free to have a sauna session after your workout after hydrating yourself. Basically, Sauna safely.