Most acclaimed Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal

One of the “Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal”, is a young and talented Indian swimmer born on 23rd January 1989.

He has contested in various swimming events, few of which include the men’s 100 m and 200 m breaststroke events.

He has also participated in the 2010 Asian Juniors that was held in Beijing. Though he failed to reach the finals in both of these events, Sandeep Sejwal has managed to become a talent that shines brightly in the swimming field by winning the Bronze medal in the 2014 Asian games in 50m breast-stroke.

He is leading the current aspiring youth of the country by displaying exemplary swimming skills. Let’s understand more about the various aspects of his life.

Sejwal’s background

  • Sandeep Sejwal is an alumnus of the famous and reputed St. Stephen’s College in Delhi.
  • As he was completing his undergraduate course there, he continuously strived to do better in his swimming career as that was his ultimate passion.
  • He is married to actress Pooja Banerjee who is ecstatic with how his passion and career in swimming has shaped.
  • Though difficult she has made peace with the fact that Swimming will always be Sandeep’s, first love.

Awards bagged till now

  • Sandeep Sejwal has won silver medals at the Asian Indoor Games that was held in the year 2007.
  • This occurred in the 50 m and 100 m Breaststroke events.
  • Sandeep also qualified in the swimming events in the year 2012 that is in the London Olympics where he successfully managed to clock 1:02.92s in the 100m breaststroke event.
  • This was at the 14th FINA World Championships that took place in Shanghai.
  • Sandeep is an Arjuna awardee and is also contesting for India in the Asian Games which is currently taking place in Jakarta.

Events participated

  • Sandeep Sejwal is the Indian National Record-holder in the 50 m, 100 m and 200 m Breaststroke events.
  • Coached by Nihar Ameen in Bangalore, Sandeep is also a Senior National Champion and is supported by the GoSports Foundation. GoSports Foundation is a sports non-profit organisation. This foundation has a goal to promote sporting excellence in India.

Journey as a swimmer

  • Sandeep Sejwal almost quit swimming owing to boredom and stagnation.
  • He did not swim for 8 months and was quoted as saying that he was getting bored with his performance. However, Asian Games has kept Sandeep Sejwal grounded, focused and engaged.
  • It was also his coach Nihar Ameen who convinced him to give it one more shot. His only motivation was that he wanted to finish on a good note.
  • He now says that he is motivated than ever and is constantly attracted to the pool, the major reason being fear of regrets. Sejwal has managed to claim a bronze award in the 50m breaststroke event.
  • His stagnancy made him realise the importance of changing his programme and that has motivated him to work very hard and challenge himself more.
  • Thus, 29-year-old, Sandeep Sejwal has gained tremendously in skills and experience. He has worked extensively on a few technical aspects that could give him better results.
  • Sejwal is constantly focussing really hard on his swimming recovery and Asian Games is helping him to do that in a better manner. He has successfully won gold in the 50m breaststroke.

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal

  • This was at the Singapore National Championships recently. Swimming faster than he ever did, he has geared up for last major championship.
  • According to him, he has changed a lot in the past four years. Sandeep had also injured his leg in the month of February this year. After rehabilitation, his good performances couldn’t have come at a better time.
  • This Delhi-lad is very well prepared for the Asian Games in spite of a fractured ankle, that forced him to miss the Commonwealth Games earlier this year.
  • He has taken part in a lot of competitions and the best thing is that his performance has been only getting better.  Winning international competitions keeps him motivated and is a great confidence booster.
  • Sejwal’s strength is that he keeps pushing himself and does not think what people expect of him. He simply loves what he does and enjoys swimming and training.
  • Staying away from expectations keeps him calm and focused. He has been in shape and is determined to perform better as compared to last time as he is well prepared.
  • He is very positive about the entire team. According to him, youngsters are very enthusiastic. Sejwal has also presented at the Speedo Invitational Swimming Championship.
  • Virdhawal Khade who won the bronze medal in 50m butterfly event which was India’s first in 24 years in the year 2010 at Guangzhou is a part of his team along with Sejwal.

  • It has been 3 years since they were a part of the team together. He is really excited and is expecting that they both end up winning a medal, that would make India proud!