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Salman Khan Fitness Tips To Get A Never Ageing Body

The Tinseltown hero, Salman Khan is one of the leading Indian film actors and models in India. He is the inspiration for many of the young generation and heartthrob of many young girls for his physical fitness. His dedication and discipline for his fitness can be felt through the fact that he is kind of a fitness freak who never misses his workout routine and if does, always covers in midnight if have to. Salman does not like to stick to one workout routine and that becomes evident when it comes to his diet plan. He comes across with the best fitness trainer and nutritionist in India to have and maintain such kind of physique. Read to know more on Salman Khan Workout and Diet Routine

salman khan workout

Salman Khan Body Measurements:

  • Height: 5’7″
  • Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Chest: 45 inches
  • Arms: 17 inches
  • Waist: 35 inches

Salman Khan Workout Routine:

  1. Warm up by doing exercise: Salman Khan Workout starts with warm up by doing jumping, squat thrusts, and push-up. He keeps his fitness with warm-up and these exercises are performed before starting any strenuous physical activity in order to prepare the body and mind. While body building exercises involve strenuous weight training, deep breathing for weight loss is very effective for burning calories.
  2. Squat Trusts: The squat thrust is a calisthenic exercise that targets several major muscles in the legs. It also works to the muscles of arms, stomach, and chest. It is a good exercise for strengthening the heart muscle and building cardiovascular endurance. These are the exercises that are scheduled in Salman Khan Workout. Salman focuses on his biceps, triceps, and abs when he is in the gym or doing exercises.
  3. Push-ups: Salman khan does unbelievable stuff like thousand push-ups a day or two thousand sit-ups a day. As such we all do some exercises every day but he is very much particular about his exercises and body. But he is an icon and people love to copy him, thus we cannot compare ourselves with him.
  4. Exercises for abs: Salman Khan’s stamina and endurance have reached the other level. He keeps his abs in shape and for that; he does five hundred crunches, chin-ups, and pull-ups. Salman Khan workout followed the exercises with dead-lifts that are necessary for the development of leg as well as back muscles.                                                                                                   salman khan workout
  5. Cycling: Salman is a great lover of cycling. He cycles ten km a day. This is called old bodybuilding style. To keep his body fit Salman Khan Workout regularly by following a routine manner. He follows above-mentioned routine on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday he follows another routine.
  6. Treadmill: He starts with running on a treadmill for fifteen minutes. Next, he does abs circuit with crunches, back extensions, and side planks. These are done twenty-five times each in a circuit. He used to do three circuits with a gap of five minutes. He does the bench press for the biceps and chest muscles. Then he does the shoulder push press. He does four sets of exercises for the smaller muscles with six to eight reps while six sets of exercises for the large muscles that are done with 12-14 reps.
  7. Intensive training: Salman Khan follows the intensive workout that is unique to his strong and weak body parts and helpful to keep his body as we see him.

salman khan workout

It is true that only workout cannot give the measured body until you keep maintaining the diet. Salman Khan himself says that he likes to live a healthy lifestyle. He takes balanced diet. He takes five to six meals in a day to keep his metabolism system perfect and high. He likes to take non-veg food. He follows the balanced diet chart every day.

Salman Khan Diet Plan:

Salman Khan takes the clean diet. He likes healthy diet for weight loss and to stay fit. In this way, he can overcome obesity. Diet chart helps to know how much quantity of food the body needs and what type of food that is supposed to take. Salman Khan diet includes 3000 calories a day, which he burns in his regular workout schedule.  Salman Khan eats the protein-rich diet like chicken, eggs, fish etc.

salman khan diet with khali

  • Breakfast: He likes to take protein rich food. Four egg whites toast and low-fat milk is his favourite diet.
  • Pre-workout: He takes the protein shake, Amino acid tablets and two egg whites.
  • Post-workout: He takes Protein bar, Oats, almonds, three egg whites.
  • Lunch: He takes five chapatis, vegetables, salad.
  • Snacks: He likes to take almonds and nuts and the protein bar.
  • Dinner: He takes fish or chicken, vegetable soup, two egg whites.

He takes vitamin A, vitamin E and takes fruit in abandoned quantity. Green leafy and seasonal vegetables are in his diet. He drinks plenty of water. He also takes tea and other hot drinks.

salman khan workout trainer

In his early life, Salman had a strong liking for spicy Indian and Italian foods. He used to take ice creams, pizzas, and Pav bhajis. Pizzas were his favourite. But when he came in contact with Manish Advilkar his gym trainer, his diet schedule had been changed. Salman Khan’s diet and exercise schedule had been completely restricted to achieve the best possible results. He now has shifted to protein-rich foods that comprise with fish, egg white, meat, and milk to complement his intense workout regimen.

“I cycle, swim, go to the gym, eat the right kind of food, and sleep late, as I don’t get sleep easily. The kind of food you eat is as important as your workout. I like leading a healthy lifestyle, and avoid processed and sugary food.”

Salman Khan Fitness Tips:

salman khan workout fitness tips

Salman Khan has given certain fitness tips for bodybuilding in this way.

  • One should have determination, devotion, and dedication
  • A disciplined workout schedule along with a planned dietary habit is necessary
  • Try to dedicate two to three hours a day for the exercises
  • Cycling and swimming are as important as hitting the gym
  • Follow a strict lifestyle and eat the right foods to maintain the physique.