Sachin Malik: The IRONMAN in the Making

Meet Sachin Malik. A businessman by profession, 37 yrs old, resident of Gurgaon, father of a 7 year old kid, who is on a mission. His goal – to compete for IRONMAN. Don’t doubt him one bit though – because he is already at the half mark. You read it right – he just completed the Half –Ironman event in Feb 2017. The question that arises in our minds is why and how? Read on for his incredible story.

Why Ironman?

Sachin malik Fitso Ironman Training
Delhi International Triathlon, 2017

The first time Sachin came to know of the Ironman event was when Milind Soman made headlines at the age of 50. Though the idea was born, he had no time to pursue it due to pressing business and family commitments. And then Abhishek Mishra made headlines as Ironman. Abhishek Mishra was no celebrity. Just like Sachin, Abhishek Mishra was a resident of Gurgaon leading a seemingly similar life. This time Sachin decided to listen to his heart and dig deeper into Ironman competition. The fire was lit. In his own words – I just wanted to do what people normally don’t attempt to do.

How Fitso fit in?

Sachin malik Fitso Ironman Training
Day Breaker Marathon, 2016

Sachin understood that there was no way he could train for Ironman without help. Although he was into fitness during his college days and had even been an NCC cadet with a ‘C’ Certification, life and time had taken a toll on him. Higher education, work responsibilites, marriage and family left him with little or no time to workout. He had gained weight, suffered from high cholesterol and even had to have his appendix removed through surgery.

His search led him to Saurav Agarwal, Ironman 2014, and founder-member of Fitso. Without any delay, Sachin downloaded the Fitso APP on his mobile. One of his biggest concerns was the budget he could allocate for training and the Fitso app was all about world class training methodology at economical packages.

Meeting Fitso for the First Time

Sachin malik Fitso Ironman Training
Olympic Triathlon, 2016

A few days later, Sachin found himself having a conversation with Saurav Agarwal at the Fitso Office in Gurgaon. The one question that was bothering him was – could a 96 kg guy who hadn’t worked out in over 12 years, was suffering was weight related ailments – could such a guy like him compete in the Ironman much less win?

The answer was a clear – why not?

And thus began Sachin’s journey with Fitso and his training for Ironman.

Transformation and Milestones

Mexican Half Marathon, 2016


The milestones were set at the beginning. In a year he would be ready to compete for half Ironman and in another year he would be competing for the Ironman. Sachin is a proud man today as he has kept his date with the half Ironman and now has set his sights on the big win.

The transformation is quite impressive. He no longer feels his old lethargic self anymore and is actively into fitness. Not only that, he has roped in his wife and son into an active lifestyle and they have been training with Fitso as well. His wife has successfully competed in 5 Km runs and is now aiming for the 10 kms. His 7 yr old son is following in his father’s footsteps and recently completed duathlon consisting of 2 kms running and 2 kms cycling. Now he is training for the next level.

Today, Sachin sees the world with different eyes. A very happy family man, Sachin is determined more than ever to do what people usually don’t go for.

Training with Fitso

Sachin malik Fitso Ironman Training
Delhi International Triathlon, 2016

It has been one year since Sachin began training with Fitso. He works out from 4 am to 6:30 am regularly before his day’s work takes over. He warms up with stretching exercises and special running methods before he begins training in swimming, running and cycling. The focus is in building up his strength and endurance. He has complete faith in his trainers and he knows that he has some of the best people in the industry by his side.

He had to make changes in his diet to stay in line with his training. From three square meals a day, he now takes five small meals to keep his metabolism rate up. As his protein requirements have increased, he needs to supplement it through shakes and other high protein foods. At the same time, the changes were done gradually by Fitso dietician, Ankita Pathak, and he felt nothing but good. There was no food he was asked to give up and is allowed one cheat meal a week where he can eat whatever he wants.


Sachin malik Fitso Ironman Training
The Growing Medal Collection

The path so far has not been without challenges for Sachin. A few months back he took a hard fall from his bicycle and suffered a fracture in his shoulder. He had to stay in bed to recuperate and for he missed out on his training for about 6 weeks. This was a terribly hard time for him and it took a toll on him physically as well as left him demotivated. However, he found immense support from Fitso trainers who remained by his side, especially Ankita who made sure that he did not gain weight.

Very soon, he found himself back on the training track and competing for events like the Millenium run, Airtel run and many others. He has run 4-5 half-marathons and trial runs and completed the 127 km cycling event to Murthal and back. Apart from the above he has succesfully completed olympic size triathlons and a 6 hour 45 km stadium run. All this within a year of training with Fitso.

Does he have an advice for others

Sachin is a happy and determined man at 82 kgs today. He believes in the Guru Shishya Parampara from the Indian Vedas and says he has a special bond with his trainers. His advice to others is to follow their trainers like gurus and trust them completely. After his trainers or gurus, he thanks his family especially his wife, son, mom and dad, who have stood behind him like a pillar of strength.

Sachin Malik believes that nothing is impossible. We believe in you, Sachin. Go, Ironman, Go!

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