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Top 12 Running Tracks and Trails in Pune

Did you know that Pune is the one Indian city which is known for having the maximum number of running tracks?

Be it a lush green running track or a crowded garden one, Pune has got running track of every kind. Following is a list of top 10 running tracks in Pune.

  • University of Pune Running track

running tracks in pune

Even though this jogging track (5 km) doesn’t boast of any facilities (benches and drinking water for example) for runners, it is still a favourite with many joggers.

So even though there is considerable morning traffic passing through the campus, joggers love to run inside. Maybe they like it so much because the campus is huge and is completely safe.

  • Hanuman Tekdi (Law College Road)

running tracks in pune

Suitable for both walking and running, this place is known for its calmness and for its elevation. In case you don’t want to go up the hill, you can take a car to the top the hill and start running from there. The view is breathtaking and the atmosphere is pure.

  • Ideal Colony Ground, Kothrud

running tracks in puneAs the name says, the running track on this ground is truly “ideal” for joggers. Big trees surround the jogging track providing for an oxygen-rich environment. The park is mostly known for hosting cricket events but is also a favourite with joggers.

  • Joggers Park

running tracks in Pune

Although the park’s name is Damodar Ravji Galande Patil Park, it is popularly known as Joggers Park. As a jogging track, it is popular with both local people and expats living in Pune. The park is open from 10 am to 4 pm. Other than running, it is also a good place for just hanging around.

  • Hirwai track between Bhandarkar Road and Prabhat Road

running tracks in pune

The Hirwai Track is 1.5 kilometres long and is used as a running/jogging track since 2004. Hundreds of people use it every day.

  • BMCC grounds

Hundreds of people converge on this ground every day. Some run alone, whereas some run in groups. People of all ages, whether they are teenagers or senior citizens come to this ground for running or for jogging.

  • Pune Race Course Running track

running tracks in puneThe running track at the Pune Race Course is almost 3 km long and is open every day from 5 am to 8:30 am. It again opens in the evening at 4:30 pm and closes at 7:30 pm. The running track remains closed on race days.

  • Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park, Gomti Nagar

running tracks in pune

The Ram Manohar Lohia Garden is paradise for joggers. This is because it has not one but four running tracks. Two of them are synthetic running tracks and the other two are made up of sand soil. The synthetic running tracks are 340 meters and 440 meters long. The sand soil running tracks are 365 and 400 meters long.

  • Fergusson College, Pune

The Fergusson College ground has a 400-meter running track. It is impeccably maintained and is used by all types of people, whether regular joggers or athletes. It is also used for practice by students from various colleges.

  • Kamla Nehru Udyan

running tracks in pune

Situated at Dr Ketkar Road, the Kamla Nehru Udyan is one of the most beautiful gardens in Pune. The running track on the park is very well maintained and is ideal for joggers. Along with the running track, the park also boasts of beautiful lawns and a playground for children.

  • Chittaranjan Vatika Garden

running tracks in puneThis is yet another beautiful garden which is maintained by the Pune Municipal Corporation. Along with a running track, the park consists of a beautiful botanical garden.

And the best for the last!

  • Lavasa

running tracks in pune

People of Pune need no introduction to Lavasa. An artificial city made to resemble a small British town, Lavasa offers ample opportunities for running around. The Ekaant Nature Trail and the roads along the Mutha Ghat are perfect for running/jogging purposes.

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