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Running Tracks in Chennai

Running is one of the best forms of exercise which will help you to lead a healthy and wholesome life. Most of the time running is absolutely free and you don’t need any preparation for running. So, if you are planning to incorporate running into your daily regime, then choosing your running track can be very important for you. Always choose a smooth and safe running track so that you can successfully accomplish your running and can enjoy the scenery while doing this. If you are a habitat of Chennai, then we are mentioning some of the popular running tracks in
Chennai where you go for running.

  • Marina beach to Gandhi Statue

    marina beach running tracks in chennai
    In Chennai, nothing is more popular and enjoyable than the Marina beach. There is a running track from Marina beach to Gandhi statue which is nearly 2 km long. Along this track, park facility and restrooms are available so that the jogging lovers like you can comfortably finish their run. You can even run on the beach itself which will be a great experience for you. All you need is a pairing of running shoe, a sunscreen, and a decent sun glass.

  • Marina beach to Napier Bridge

    napier running tracks in chennai
    This is another popular running track which will give you some astounding views of the Cooum River flowing into the Bay of Bengal. This 5km running track is very famous among the jogging lovers. And thus, every morning you can find that this running track is occupied by both the professional and novice runners who are doing there daily running activities.

  • Anna Nagar Tower Park

    Anna Nagar Tower Park or Dr. Viveswaraya Tower par is a well-known running track in Chennai. The park owns 15.35 acres and it is the tallest park in Chennai which is nearly 135 foot tall. The park has a chunk of running trails where the runners can choose and complete their running. You can also run on the 8km loop which is located inside the tower park. This loop is crammed with an amphitheater, a badminton court, playground for the kids, a skating rink, a toilet and many more things. The park opens in the morning from 4 a.m-11.30 a.m and in the evening from 3 p.m-9 p.m. Inside the park, food, water, and restrooms are available for the convenience of the joggers. You don’t need to pay a single penny to enter the park.

  • Chetpet Eco park

    This park is the ideal for the runners who used to wake up late yet are fond of running. The park is situated in Kilpauk, Chennai. The serene atmosphere inside the park is the main attraction for its popularity. There are many places inside the park where you can do jogging, walking, and other fitness activities. There is a 1.5 km private running track which is only open to the members of the park. The park is thronged with many things like an aquarium, pedal boats, playground, 3D theater, food stores, fishing, etc. The park opens from 9 a.m to 6 p.m except for Tuesdays. The membership fees are Rs. 200 for a month, Rs. 1000 for 6 months, and Rs. 2000 for 1-year walker’s pass.

  • Eliots Beach to Velankanni Church and Masjid

    Though Marina beach is most popular in Chennai, Elliots beach has its own charm and beauty. Here, you can find many running enthusiasts come all the way from Adyar and Alwarpet to take a morning run. Most of the runners usually take a straight route from Elliots beach to the Velankanni Church and ending at Masjid Allah. Though this running track is not long as Marina beach track, still this is a popular track in Chennai and you will get many amazing views here.

  • Boat Club

    Boat Club is situated at one of the affluent areas in Chennai. The road is very tranquil and spacious and the distance is near about 1.2 km. There are many tall trees present beside the road which will give you a good shade while running and thus, this place is one of the favorite tracks for the joggers and runners. If you are looking for a long running track, then you can choose the route from Boat club to Kottrpuram to Gandhi Nagar to Greenways road. The total distance of the entire route is 8.85 km which is very good for running.

  • IIT Madras Campus

    IIT madras campus running tracks in chennai
    IIT Madras campus is one of the astonishing places for those who want to spend some time with nature and want to explore the beauty of nature. The campus is located just beside Adyar Cancer Institute, Adyar. The campus is adorned with various species of plants, birds, insects, butterflies and many more things which will take you very close to nature. Inside the campus, there is a running path of 4.5 km but you need a walker’s pass if you want to use it. You can easily get the pass if you can get a reference from an IIT student. Restrooms and parking facilities are also available for the joggers.

  • Semmozhi Park

    semmozhi poonga running tracks in chennaiThis is a great destination for all the running enthusiasts. The park is located at Teynampet. The manicured garden and artificial ponds are the prime attraction of this park. There are many spaces inside the park where you can accomplish your run. There are 25 thematic gardens, artificial duck ponds, waterfalls, scenic landscapes, playground and amphitheater inside the park. The entry fee is Rs.150 for the passionate runners. For members, the entry time is 6 a.m to 8 a.m. But if you want to take a long running track, then head out into Cathedral Road and run through Stella Maris College Campus. You will certainly enjoy this route but try to avoid it during peak hours, as Cathedral Road is a crowded place in Chennai.

  • My Lady’s Garden Park

    This well-maintained park is situated just 10 minutes away from the Central railway station. This is a place where you can bring your children and can enjoy your run. Along with walking and jogging tracks, the park has also a 5 feet deep swimming pool. So, bring your kids and start your day with an early morning run which can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. The park opens from 6 a.m to 8 p.m. There is also parking facility for the joggers.

  • Bougainvillea Park

    bh running tracks in chennai
    This park is situated in Anna Nagar which boasts a lot of trees. The park has a 340-metre walkway for walking and jogging. Apart from the walking trail, it has also a playground and a yoga practice area. You can bring your children here for their stretching and exercise. During the peak hours (mornings and evenings), you can find that the track is loaded with many runners and yoga lovers.

  • Santhome Church to Greenways Road

    church running track in chennai
    This stretch has humongous benefits and that’s why this running path is loved by the runners. Here, you can enjoy the experience of Old Madras, and run through Greenways Road. Indubitably, this is one of the greenest stretches in Chennai. Greenways Road also offers a brilliant running experience because the running track is covered under a canopy of trees.

  • Anna University

    anna university running tracks in chennai
    This prodigious university is situated at Guindy, Chennai. The university has a 2.5 km loop which is amazing and spacious and ideal for jogging. Apart from this track, there is also a 400-metre track for speed workouts. The university campus is loaded with ample shades and plenty of open and calm spaces which make this place a perfect choice for the running enthusiasts. There is also a swimming pool where various swimming sessions and training are done by the experts. The restrooms and car parking are also available for the running lovers.

  • Nagaeswara Rao Park

    nageswara rao park running tracks in chennai
    This park is a perfect place for the runners who used to live in Mylapore. The 4-acre park is equipped with a running track, badminton court, and children playground. All these things have made this park an ideal jogging or running destination among the localities. The park opens from 5 a.m to 8 p.m and there is no entry fee for this amazing park.

  • St. Thomas Mount Uphill-Downhill Run

    This popular running track in Chennai would be an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a challenging job. Though it’s not difficult like climbing a mountain, running on this track could be a challenging job for you than any other flat tracks in Chennai. What makes this track more beautiful and spectacular is that at the top of the peak you can get a 360-degree view of Chennai city.

  • Huddleston Gardens

    huddlestone running tracks in chennai
    This is another Eco spot which offers a chunk of things in-front of you. This place is located near Adyar river and is loaded with lush greeneries, birds, banyan tree, butterflies, pond, and many more. This is an ideal place for you where you can take a certain break from your hectic life and can enjoy the beauty of nature while doing running or jogging. There is a separate walking club for the members. The timing of the garden is from a.m and from 4 p.m-6p.m. The restrooms and separate parking spaces are available

  • Jeeva Park

    jeeva park running tracks in chennai
    This is a calm, clean, and well-maintained park which is located in T. Nagar. The park owns a walking track with a ramp for the differently abled. This is a less crowded place where you can bring your children for their yoga and physical activity sessions. There is also a playground, a badminton court, skating rink, and fitness equipment for the fitness lovers.

  • Sivan Park

    If you want to rejuvenate your energy and soul with fresh oxygen, then you must visit Sivan Park which is located in KK Nagar, Chennai. The park has a well-paved track for running, playground, badminton court, a separate play area for children, a waterfall, and a Lord Shiva temple. The opening time of the park is at 6 a.m and it remains open till 9 p.m.

  • Haddows Road Park

    This park is located at Nungambakkam and it is one of the well-maintained parks in Chennai. The park owns paved pathways, badminton court, playground, gym and yoga area, skating rink, etc. There is a restaurant inside the park where you can find many authentic and scrumptious South Indian food items. The timing of the park is from 6 a.m to 8 p.m. Running is an activity which makes a great impact on the health of an indivisual.If you want to enjoy the benefits of running, then you need to prudently choose your running tracks.

The above, we mentioned some of the best running tracks in Chennai where many running lovers used to come and enjoy their run. With the help of the internet and other resources, you can find many more running tracks in Chennai.