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Top 11 Running Tracks and Trails in Hyderabad

It is a truism that running never fails to clear the heads of runners. Is your brainbox out of ideas and you need a break? Run for a while. Are you confused and unable to take an important decision? Go, run for a while. Are you feeling low, excited, or even happy? Just run, run and run! Running is the answer for everything.

After a good run, you will end up feeling like a different person altogether. There is science backing that feeling. A proven link was established between running and feeling good. Excited about running after all this, but do not know where to go for a run in the concrete jungles? Here is a list of some running tracks in Hyderabad.

  1. Whisper Valley

running tracks/places in hyderabad

Is your treadmill your comfort zone but what calls you often is an adventure? You should run on hills for an amazing blend of experiencing treadmill and an adventure all at once. There are many advantages of running on hills as well. You can see that your upper leg muscles are being worked on during hill runs more than a flat ground run. It also tones and strengthens your back. One of the best running tracks in Hyderabad for hill runs is Whisper Valley. It has a good elevation for a great experience.

  1. Mahendra Hills

running tracks/places in hyderabad

Mahindra Hills is yet another one of the best running tracks in Hyderabad for a hill run. If you incorporate more hill runs into your running schedule, you can build your endurance and improve your system faster. If you think this might get difficult, tell yourself “I can do this” and watch wonders happen. To give you more energy, listen to some peppy numbers while running. You can choose one between Whisper Valley and Mahindra Hills for a great hill run experience.

3. KBR Park

running tracks/places in hyderabad

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park is commonly known as KBR National Park amongst the people. KBR park was established 23 years ago. It is spread over a large area. The park has rare species of flora and water bodies surrounding it, which makes the running experience all the more beautiful.  Also popular as a visiting place, you might even get more fitness freaks who would be interested to join you, and there’s no better way to gain a good running experience than by running with a companion.

  1. Balayogi Stadium

running tracks/places in hyderabad

Balayogi Stadium is a versatile place. The design and architecture of the stadium not only adds to the beauty of it but also help in shaping a well defined path along the stadium. This is a major advantage for the runners. People come from everywhere to witness matches, kids come there to play and have fun, elderly for an evening stroll. You can find people from all walks of life and watch a perfect picture of life running right in front of your eyes while you are running.

  1. Gandipet

running tracks/places in hyderabad

The route from Nanal Nagar to Gandipet will take you on a trip down to the memory lane, and you will be reminiscing your childhood. It has a vintage design of the area. It makes for a good place for running long distances. It also has some good breakfast places for you to snack on something after your run, but be careful. Do not gain all the calories that you had burnt.

  1. Cantonment Area

running tracks/places in hyderabad

Though this area geographically lies in the twin cities of Hyderabad-Secunderabad and is flanked by areas under GHMC, it comes under the administration of union defence ministry, owing to the fact that it lies in the military area. This is one of the largest cantonment areas in Asia, and the biggest in India. Hence the area between Cantonment area and Malkajgiri would serve as one of the best running tracks in Hyderabad, with a restricted access to public hence less hustle and bustle of the city outside. You can run for as long as you want in peace.

  1. Maula Ali

running trails in hyderabad

Mauli Ali, which was once a suburb of the city of Hyderabad, has now developed into one of the most sought after industrial areas in Malkajgiri Mandal. It has a good number of temples, mosques and churches as well. The area is huge, hence this would also be a great running track, but since this is a busy area, Running in this area is advisory during early hours.

  1. Financial District Road

running tracks/places in hyderabad

Financial District road is very popular for the eminent buildings, offices and institutions in the area. For those of you staying in Nanakramguda or Gachibowli, Financial District road would be a good place to run. There would be very less traffic in this area during the early hours. You can also take a diversion to Q-city road through WIPRO for lesser traffic. You could also run on the Lanco Hills road. The traffic on these roads would be less.

  1. Osmania University Grounds

running tracks/places in hyderabad

Osmania University is known not only for the quality education it provides but also for the huge ground on campus. The ground, surrounded by a wide range of flora, is a landmark in itself. It stretches across a vast area and is undoubtedly one of the best running tracks in Hyderabad. You can find people running in the early hours or late evenings.

  1. Kondapur

running tracks in hyderabad

The inner roads of Kondapur are quite peaceful and traffic free during the mornings. You could also run from IIIT to the sports stadium road, which is a large track and an ideal place to run. The IIIT campus is big and you can run enough equivalent to a day’s workout.

  1. Necklace Road

running tracks in hyderabad

Necklace road is a centrally located area. True to its name, it offers a beautiful view. Vehicles are restricted in a part of this area, which makes it one of the best running tracks in Hyderabad to choose from. You can enjoy a picturesque sight while running, which makes the running experience all the more beautiful.

Research shows that the lifespan of people who run regularly, at least for five to ten minutes, increases significantly. It stimulates your mind and keeps you active all day. What are you waiting for, dear Hyderabadis? Choose one of the tracks closest to you from this list of the best running tracks in Hyderabad and begin your journey today!