Top 24 Running Tracks in Delhi NCR

This article covers the best running tracks in Delhi NCR for a morning run. It’s a fine sunny morning in Delhi and you have just woken up from your peaceful sleep, feeling refreshed and energetic. The beautiful scenery outside tempts you to start your day with a morning run. You quickly grab your phone, a pair of headphones and a bottle of water but you can’t decide where to go! Delhiite or not, there are always more parks, gardens and forests to discover in this beautiful region of Delhi-NCR.

Let’s hit the ground running with a list of running tracks in Delhi NCR:

1. Siri Fort

Siri Fort - Running Places in Delhi NCR

Being one of the most common running places in Delhi NCR runners, Siri Fort has many attractions to offer- from a 1km long, wide running track to lush green side tracks. And it is accessible to all. Most runners prefer this place because of its even surface,  who wants to be injured while running in a place this beautiful, right? An oasis in the city, Siri Fort is the way to go for everyone.

Location: August Kranti Marg, New Delhi


2. Swarn Jayanti Park (Japnese Park), Rohini

Running Routes in Delhi, Japanese Park, Rohini
This lush green park is maintained by Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Abundant greenery, clean walking paths, and lakes with colourful boats make Japanese Park an acclaimed picnic spot of Delhi. Go for weekend with children and indulge in fun 🙂
  • Running Groups:
    • Fitso-100 Runners group train here on alternate days. Check out the details here. 100 Runners program.
    • West Delhi Runners: It’s one of the most active groups in West Delhi. Check out their Facebook group here.

3. Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate

Lodhi Gardens best running places in delhi NCR

For all those who like an element of challenge while running, this is the place for you. The running track at Lodhi Gardens is about 2.2 kms long with down-slopes and up slope that gives you a complete workout. Apart from just the track, the gardens have magnificent historic architectural monuments which attract visits from locals as well as tourists. Breathe in some fresh air and break a sweat with ancient artifacts. Sounds enthralling!

Location: Next to India Habitat Centre

4. Jahanpanah City Forest

Running Routes in Delhi NCR - Jahanpanah City Forest

With its 6.6 km long running track, Jahanpanah forest is one of the best places to run in the south Delhi area. One might not find anyone on the trail all the time so this is a place to run with  a small group of your buddies. The track has variations in terms of slopes and elevations throughout which makes it more challenging to run on. Apart from a completely paved trail, this forest has markers at a distance of every 200 meters which helps you keep right on track. So aspiring marathoners of India, Jahanpanah forest awaits you.

Location: Alaknanda, New Delhi – 19

  • Running Groups:
    • Runxtreme
    • Delhi Runners Group
    • Reebok Running Squad

5. Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal: Running tracks in delhi ncr

Best known for its “haunted” status, Malcha Mahal is an isolated house that served as a community residence in 1600 A.D. The dense forest would provide joggers with an offbeat track that is 5 km long and is soft and very less crowded. Malcha Mahal is a must go if you are in for an uncanny experience.

Location: Near Delhi Earth Station, Bistdari Road, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi-21

6. Deer Park

Hauz Khas Village- Running tracks in delhi ncr

As the name, Deer Park in Delhi is home to a large number of Deer, making it a popular for weekend picnics. It is an excellent option for beginners as there are instructive sign boards illustrating various exercises for runners. It is also connected to Hauz Khas District Park and Rose Garden which makes it one of the largest parks in Delhi.

Location: Hauz Khas Village

  • Running Groups:
    • Delhi Runners Group.

7. India Gate

Running Routes in Delhi NCR - India gate

Although not an official candidate in the category, India Gate is surely a well-known option for beginners because of the vast area present around it. Apart from that, the place is filled with people running and walking around spreading a contagious energy to motivate you for a workout.

Location: Rajpath, New Delhi

  • Running Groups:
    • DRG
    • RunXtreme


8. Leisure Valley, Gurgaon

Leisure Valley - Top Running tracks in delhi ncr
Leisure Valley is one of the most popular choices for Gurgaon locals when it comes to running. It has a picturesque view and is spread over 25 acres. It has various facilities like a specialised area for children and Roots cafe which functions entirely on solar power. Be it any time of the day, Leisure Valley is flocked with fitness freaks, families and individuals spending some quality leisure time.

Location: Sector- 29, Gurgaon- 01

  • Running Groups:
    • Reebok Running Squad
    • Gurgaon Road Runner
    • Bootcamp Yellow

9. Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon

MG Road - Running tracks in delhi ncr

Aravali Bio Diversity Park now has an ample number of bio-reserves, wetland ponds and walking and cycling tracks within it. You can easily reach the park by taking the Mehrauli – Gurgaon Road. Looking for a track to provide you with some trekking experience along with nature’s wonders? This is it.

Location: Mehrauli- Gurgaon Road near Guru Dronacharya Metro Station

  • Running Groups:
    • Let’s Run Gurgaon
    • Gurgaon Road Runners

10. Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon

Running Routes in Gurgaon - Tau Devilal Biodiveristy park

‘The Complete Fitness Hub’. This title seems appropriate when we talk about the Tau Devi Lal Park in Gurgaon. With its running track stretching up to 1 km, this park also has various other fitness activities like Karate classes. The most happening time in the park are the mornings. You can see many people running, exercising or some photographers and bird watchers striving for a perfect click. All in all, this park attracts the locals with it’s peaceful as well as the fitness-friendly environment and natural diversity.

Location: Sector 52A, Gurgaon

11. Rai Pithora Garden

 Rai pithora garden for running in Delhi

It’s a great place in the cradle of history to run and meditate. Qila Rai Pithora, also known as Rai Pithora’s Fort, was a fortified city built in the 12th century by Chauhan king, Prithviraj Chauhan.

Address: Kutub Golf Course, Malviya Nagar, Delhi

12. Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van Running in Delhi

It’s city forest near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli. This place is famous for being haunted, but neverthless is great place for your morning run. Pick your running shoes and just get lost in the beauty of nature.

Address: Aruna Asaf Ali Marg Delhi, Sanjay Van

13. Raj Ghat

Rajghat Delhi - Cycling Tracks in Delhi NCR

We all are well aware of the historical significance of Rajghat. If you go to Rajghat early morning you’ll be left startled by witnessing just how many people in Delhi love to stay fit. Running here is a calming experience.

Address: Gandhi Smriti, Raj Ghat, New Delhi

14. Asola Wildlife Sanctuary

Running Routes in NCR, Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, Delhi

The gigantic metropolis that is Delhi also holds many an ecological surprise. The patches of forest scattered over different parts of the city are hotspots for the ardent walker and nature enthusiast.

Address: Asola Bhatti Wildlife Santuary, Asola, New Delhi

15. Swarna Jayanti Park

Running routes in Delhi NCR, Swarna Jayanti Park, Indirapuram

It’s a green lush well maintained parks in Delhi/NCR. The recently added open free gym has added one more feature to already a popular place. Your will enjoy your morning walk and run here.

Address: Swarna Jayanti Park, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

16. Gautam Budha Park, Noida

Gautam Budha Park - Running Routes in Delhi NCR
One of the favourite places for Noida folks for their morning and evening walk. This park is well maintained with lots of greenery. A place for rejoice, fun and good morning run.
Address: Gautam Buddha Park, Sector 95, Uttar Pradesh
  • Running Groups:
    • Indirapuram Runners

17. Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri

Running Routes in Delhi, Nehru Park

Coming a close second to Siri fort is Nehru park track is next. This park has the perfect track which won’t strain your joints and hence is the choice of many regular runners. Located in Delhi’s “elite class area”, New Delhi municipal council organises various concerts regularly called ‘Music in the Park’. So, music enthusiast runners, mark your territory in this beautiful and soulful park of the city.

Location: Vinay Marg, New Delhi (Near Ashoka Hotel)

  • Running Groups:
    • DRG
    • RunXtreme
    • ASICS Running Club
    • Fitso-100 Runners group train here on alternate days. Check out the details here. 100 Runners program.

18. IIT Delhi

Running Routes in Delhi, IIT Delhi grounds

IIT Delhi has a beautiful, serene, and green campus. Running here is extremely refreshing. You will also get good post run breakfast option in the cost-effective canteens 🙂
Address: IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi
  • Running Groups:
    • Adidas Runners: Every Weekend
    • Delhi Runners Group

19. Bonta Park

If your mind paints a picture of lush greenery and remoteness when you think of running, then this is the place to be. Situated near the North Campus, Bonta Park is frequented by enthusiastic joggers and those who want to spend quality time in nature’s lap.
Address: Bonta Park, North Campus, New Delhi
  • Running Groups:
    • Bonta Runners.

20. Gurgaon Faridabad Road

 Gugraon Faridabad Route - Running Routes in Gurgaon, NCR
One of the best places for uphill and downhill training. Most sections of the road have forested areas alongside it, which keeps you close to nature.
Address: Gurgaon- Faridabad Road, Gurgaon
  • Running Groups:
    • Gurgaon Road Runers
    • Let’s Run Gurgaon
    • Audacity Riders and Runners

21. Aravali Trails

Aravali Biodiversity - Running Routes in Gurgaon, NCR

If going for trail running, then the Aravali trails are all you need. Again this place is great for uphill and downhill training.
Address: Aravali Trail, GFR, Gurgaon

22. Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five senses, Delhi - Cycling in delhi ncr

Garden of Five Senses is a place for runners, cyclists and other fitness lovers to enjoy their workouts in South Delhi. Its beauty has a lot to offer.

Address: Garden of Five Senses, Saket

23. Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple - Cycling Tracks in Delhi NCR

It is well connected to all the major areas in Delhi and its interesting surroundings make it a good running location. You can also go for meditation session in Lotus Temple post running.

Address: Lotus Temple, Kalkaji, New Delhi

24. Jawahar Lal University

Jawahar lal University - Running Routes in Delhi

JNU has beautiful college campus with exceptional greenery. Running here is a liberating experience.

Address: JNU, South Delhi

  • Running Groups:
    • Delhi Running Groups.