running track in chandigarh

Running Tracks in Chandigarh

Running is the most trivial physical activity one can think of. It not only strengthens you physically but also enriches you emotionally and psychologically. Running in a city like Chandigarh sure has its benefits. Chandigarh is indeed known for it’s quiet, peaceful and beautiful charm. Being the capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana, it is maintained at its best by both. Chandigarh has very neat and clean spacious green parks in every residential sector. Here are some of the best running tracks in Chandigarh.

  • Sukhna Lake

sukhna lake
Sukhna Lake is great spot to visit in daytime where a few amusement activities are accessible for children and adolescents. Boating is possible in a group of two and is a perfect spot in Chandigarh where you can spend some in a cooling environment. It is a sanctuary for a variety of migratory birds which is another factor people like to jog here. Who would not want to see beautiful and rare species of birds while doing their morning warm-up session? This lake offers a huge running track for a comfortable run at any time of the day. Chandigarhians love to be fit and you’ll find this statement to be true if you visit Sukhna Lake early morning or in the evening. You’ll find men and women of all age groups running and jogging on this track. This running track  has been specially developed on the right side of the main path with the beautiful view of the lake.

  • Rock Garden

rock garden
This sprawling park exhibits a fascinating difference to the grid-like organization of Chandigarh. Nearly 5000 people visit this place on a daily basis. Such is the glory and beauty of Rock garden! Even its maintenance work is carried out with waste materials and the government is providing big helping hand for this purpose. It’s laid out like a dreamland, stuffed with thin passageways, amphitheaters, staircases, a stupendous waterfall and an ethnic business sector toward the end. It is populated by an unusual human as well as animal figure that makes amazing companions
for a lovely morning jog. This is an amazing running track for every fitness lover and nature freak.

  • Rose Garden

A great beautiful place giving you so fresh feeling. The garden is very neat, clean and well maintained. With 30 acres of stretch, the garden features a popular running track for all fitness enthusiasts. Also, it is filled with the pleasant smell of rose which brings the refreshing factor among people who chose this place as their running track.  Also, it organizes one of its kind festival yearly known as ‘rose festival’ which is a ‘must attend’ event for people who are fond of roses. Photography and gardening are also one of the main attractions of this festival. It is one of the most famous gardens when it comes to the flower Rose in India, it is said to have all types of roses, just blossoming away. Apart from this, we see maximum people using this area as a running area and for fitness and exercise groups.

  • Sector 21 Park

sector 21 park
This is an beautiful and amazing park and is a regularly visited running tracks in Chandigarh. It has a beautiful park area featuring a running track that is suitable for a run. This park plays an amazing role in making Chandigarh green. This area is considered to be the gem in the heart of Chandigarh with amazing residential areas nearby.

  • Bougainvillea Garden

bougainvillea garden
The Bougainvillea Garden is dedicated to the Indian soldiers killed in cross-border clashes since the time of Independence. It covers the area of 26 acres and ranks among one of the most beautiful gardens in Chandigarh. Set up in the year 1976, the Bougainvillea garden consists of nearly 65 distinctive varieties of Bougainvillea flowers. Within a short span of time, this venue has attained the place among one of the favorite spots of a tourist visit. The running track of this garden are so well made that a large number of people visit here for their fitness and running sessions. This garden was inaugurated by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in 2006. Apart from its scenic beauty and meaning the area is beautiful beyond compare and far more than just suitable for a great run.

  • Chandigarh Fitness Trail and Flower Garden

chandigarh trail
As the name suggests, this Park is all about fitness, running and exercise. The very foundation of this park was to promote fitness in Chandigarh. It totally covers a large area of 94 acres out of which 52 acres of land caters to beautiful seasonal flowers. The scene is so fantastic that the place is visited by many poets. The leftover area contains magnificent sculptures, which are built by renowned artists. This shows the amount of cultural art which is another reason this place is visited by many. It is the best place where people can work on their body and also get views of the attractive cultural art form. It has a decently long running track and lush green spaces to exercise. This great park in sector 10 is always open for fitness freaks of all ages. Apart from this, the sight is pleasurable to eyes with the beautiful flowers everywhere. This garden is a must see for fitness as well as nature freaks!

  • Shanti Kunj

shanti kunj
The place is full of activity especially in early mornings and even after that it is serene and calm. For residents of Sectors nearby it offers an open Gym as well as a running track. It also has a small canteen where people can have snacks and enjoy the attractive sight of nature. The canteen also serves juice and health drinks. Even after being located next to Rose Garden, Shanti Kunj has maintained its own charm and has never gone out of fashion! For visitors, it is as the name says a garden of peace and tranquility. Even after being located right next to the famous Rose
Garden, this Garden never goes out of fashion.