running shoes for men

Running Shoes for Men

In today’s fast pace world, maintaining a good health is very important. Various health associations recommend a routine that accommodates healthy food and exercise. Talking about exercises, running is one of the most common of them and comes to our mind instantaneously. According to the Elizabeth McLeod Sadler, there are a number of benefits associated with running which includes drop in blood pressure, reduction in body weight, and increase in lung capacity. Running requires minimalist equipment’s and a good pair of shoes is all it takes to be ready to hit the track. Good shoes provides mid sole foot cushioning and support to your feet, provides arch support and also helps to prevent leg injuries. So today we are going to talk everything that is about to know while purchasing running shoes for men.

While we all know the importance of a good shoe for a better running experience, the truth is that selecting the right running shoes is also equally important. Agree? So, here we get to you a quick guide as to how can you select the best running shoes based on your body type. Usually, when you do a road running, the shoes are designed in such a way that the heels touch the ground first and then the rest of the shoe. That is why, it has cushioning for the feet accordingly. In general, while running, the foot moves in three different ways

  • Basic Pronation: This is also called the neutral stride. In this, you experience a natural inward rolling towards the foot side. This pushes your foot to the arch type of the shoe, which helps you to take your next step easily
  • Over Pronation: In this, the foot rolls too much towards the arch side. This rolling is higher than the normal neutral stride and if not wearing the right shoes, it may lead to foot injury
  • Supination: This is the exact reverse of pronation. While the foot rolls inside in the above two, in this type, it tends to roll outwards when the foot strikes on the ground. This is type of movement is rare and it can be easily identified by an expert in this field

Now that you know the three types of foot landing, it becomes a little easier for you to select the right shoe based on these foot movements. The most common way to select shoes based on these types is to have a look at the arch and sole of the shoe. The location and amount of cushioning in the shoes can speak a lot about the design.

  • Cushioning shoes: They are the ones that are amazingly designed to absorb shock. These types of shoes are for those who exert a lot of pressure on their feet while running. This type of shoes is best for those who have basic pronation and over pronation as their running type.
  • Minimalist Shoes: These shoes have less cushioning and have lesser foam when compared to the normal cushioning shoes. These shoes are best suited for those who have a basic pronation. It is observed that these shoes tend to have a lower drop which enables the runners to get a forward foot stride which reduces the impact on foot joints while running
  • Stability Shoes: They are best suited for those who have medium to high over pronation or supination. These shoes tend to have dene foam in the inside of the shoe that gives them a good arch while running.
  • Motion Control Shoes: This type of shoe is recommended for those who are experiencing high over pronation. These types of shoes have special cushioning at the bottom of the heel to protect the feet from any kind of injuries due to extreme over pronation. They have stiff heels to make running a little easier.


Top Recommended Running Shoes for Men

  • Brooks Ghost 10


brooks ghost 10 running shoes for men

The Brooks Ghost 10 shoes are a neutral road running shoes that delivers both comfort and performance. It has soft and BiMoGo DNA midsole cushioning that dynamically adapts to anyone’s stride, dispersing impact away from body and provides the right amount of softness under foot. It is also equipped with smooth, stable and segmented crash pads to adapt to each footfall.

  • Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged


adidas ultra boost running shoes for men

The Adidas Ultra Boost gives comfort and security and has a great cushioning system. It makes use of the Boost technology which gives it the characteristics of responsive performance and durability. It also has a lightweight disposition and its design allows it to be worn casually

  • Under Armour Charged Bandit 3


under armour charged bandit 3 running shoes for men

Craftily made from a lightweight and breathable material, the charged Bandit 3 is fit for both beginners and professionals. It delivers a consistence performance in spite of the distance to be covered. It provides a secure fit and great heel cushioning.

  • Adidas Tracerocker

adidas tracerocker running shoes for men

It is well suited for all the terrains. Its light weight and aesthetics are appreciated by runners across the world. The traction capability of the outsole allows the shoes to protect the heels. It is durable and last very long.

  • Puma Ignite Evoknit


puma ignite evoknit running shoes for men

Puma is one of the known and trusted brands in shoes. In the Ignite EvoKNIT, runners will experience a mix of fashion and sports. It is perfect for 10K and marathon runs as it provides enough arch support and comes with an innovative mid-height upper.

  • Adidas Adistar


adidas adistar running shoes for men

This amazing shows from Reebok is a must have for all those who go for running on a daily basis. It has an 11mm heel which will keep you comfortable throughout your run. Its arch type is stable and thus can be used on only road trails. Looking at it, you may not be able to guess, but it just weighs 303g. The best part about this shoes is that it has a flexible upper unit, which tends to bring in amazing comfort. It has a Boost mid sole technology which makes sure that the foot is getting sufficient support.

  • Nike Flyknit


nike flyknit running shoes for men

This shows comes in tons of colors and you can choose your favorite. It weighs just 160g and thus can be used for running competitions as well. The arch type is neutral, and the heel to toe drop is just 8 mm. This is best suited for road terrains. The unique aspect of this shoe is that it has a flyknit fabric that is carefully wrapped around the foot area of the shoe. This allows the foot to get a socks like cushioning and thus keeps your foot free from irritation.

  • Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11


asics gel noosa tri 11

This show looks really cool. It can be used for daily running as it weighs just 266g and the arch type is stable. It is a perfect fit for road terrains as its heel to toe drop is 10mm. Wondering why to invest in these shoes? Well, because the seamless construction of these shoes are just out of the box and it allows runners to wear it without socks. It prevents skin irritation as well. It comes in various vibrant colors, and it is available in different colors for both men and women.

  • Nike Revolution 3


nike revolution 3 running shoes for men

If you are looking for some amazing shoes for running competitions then, have a look at this Nike Revolution 3. The arch type is neutral and is a perfect option for road terrains. The heel to toe drop is 10mm and it weighs just 249g. The best part about these shoes is that they are extremely comfortable. What more, customer’s say that these shoes keep their feet dry and cool despite the running they do in them. The shoes has an extra layer of mesh which helps them to keep their feet comfortably for a long time.

  • Merrell All out crush


merrell all out crush running shoes for men

This shoes is what you were looking for, if you want to wear some comfortable shoes in trail terrains. It weighs 198g and has a 6mm heel to toe drop making it extremely comfortable. The arch type is neutral and this is can be worn for running competitions as well. The USP of this shoe is that it is light weight and has a reliable traction when you run on trails with them. It is reasonably priced for the comfort that you get from these amazing all out crush shoes.

  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18


brooks adrenaline gts 18 running shoes for men

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that are perfect for daily running and which can be worn comfortably at trail terrains as well, then this is the one. It has motion control arch type and the heel to toe drop is 12mm, making it a perfect choice. It weight 309g, so carry them carefully in places you need them. Even if this shoe gets wet in rain, its going to dry up quickly, so no worries. The new streamlined mesh on the upper side of the shoe gives them a firm hold on the shoe.

Barefoot running

However, there are lot of people who find it extremely comfortable in running barefoot. While that is not recommended, there is no denial that this was the type that has been in existence since the very beginning (well, this is what people used to do before shoes were ever invented, right!). Running without any shoes on, is still a very famous practice in Latin America and Africa.

This type of running is generally termed as Minimalist shoe running, which indicate that the conditions of the feet are minimal or bare while running.

In broad terms, there are two types of minimalist running –

  • Barefoot Running: The shoes that come under this category have zero heel to toe drop. They do not have any arch and the cushioning of the shoe is to the lowest. The toe boxes in these are wider than the normal shoe. When you wear them, you feet might resemble duck feet.
  • Minimalist Running Shoes: They are the in between shoes that fall in between barefoot running shoes and the normal running shoes that we have. They have about 4-8mm of heel to toe drop making it extremely comfortable while running. They have a little less cushioning.

You can thank us later for this wonderful list of the best shoes in the market. Our recommendation here would be to check out the prices of these shoes on different websites. There are lots of offers and discounts that may bring you double the joy by offering you amazing deals on the shoes. So, get going and flaunt your running shoes in style