Running Partner vs Solo Running: Which is better

Many people find it hard to start a training schedule without having someone to work out with, especially when it comes to running. Solo runs, no wonder can be more effective, but running alone often gets boring for people and many prefer to have a running partner.

So if you are one of those who can’t take solo running anymore, then its better you find yourself a running partner. But how to get one is the real question here. Well, start evaluating your preferences and lookout for a perfect match. It may take a while, but running goes into your nerves when you’re doing it with a partner.

Here are some reasons why you should tag along a running partner for you:

Motivation from Running Partner

Your Running buddy can motivate you to be at practice, even on low days when you are not feeling up to it (this is different from pushing you in over training when your body needs rest). It’s a motivational factor for both or more running buddies to run in pairs or groups as it becomes a social commitment and one feels guilty if he/she fails to show up.
running partner

Running Partner makes it easier!

Running longer with a buddy is easier as you can chit chat and carry on long conversations the real way. This keeps you in aerobic zone and you easily eat up on distance without feeling it.

Running partner for weight loss

Running partner Improves Your Speed

If you are not a person who blocks his hearing senses with headphones while running and like to hear all sounds while running – coming from outside and from inside your body, then find yourself a training partner. Researches have moreover shown if you run without blocking your ears you will improve on speed.
solo running


Almost everyone varies speed while running, with your buddy there are times when you are pacing him/her and vice a versa, so both pace each other when required, it’s a great tool to run at a slightly faster pace just above your comfort zone.

having a running partner

Training Zone

You can keep a check on your training zone as researches say if you can talk comfortably you are in the aerobic zone, when you start chopping sentences and can speak a few words you are in the anaerobic zone. Both zones are important and you can keep a check where are you training and where you supposed to be.

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Make Your Running Safer

Running with partner is safer, particularly for women. When running with a partner you are less likely to encounter a trouble, no matter what time of day/night doing it.

Running for Weight Loss

Emotional help

If you’re apt to miss running days for no good reason, a running partner always help. Moreover, they are perfect solution to pick-me-upwhen you’re bored with your running. Or with life, for that matter.

Running for Weight Loss
Don’t seem to have any friends or acquaintances interested in running around you? Well don’t fret, here are some uber-cool clubs and training groups you can join to find some new running pals.

Some popular Running groups in Delhi NCR:

DRG- Delhi Runners Group- Active near Nehru park, Central Delhi

RunXtreme- Highly active near Lodhi Garden

WDR- West Delhi Runners- Highly active near Dwarka, Delhi.

Indirapuram Runners- Highly active near Gaziabad.

Sunday Run club- Highly active in Noida

Amazing Group- Active in Gurgaon.


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