Run Without Getting Injured

Running Myths : Facts that we misunderstood

There are some running myths that we believe to be true. These are the facts that are often misunderstood by runners and beginners spend their most life believing them.

No flab, no run.
“Run often, run long, but never outrun your joy of running” Julie Isphoarding.

This simple habit could benefit not only your health but could also play a pivotal role in your mental health. It is said that a regular early morning run releases serotonin a chemical found in the human body which is a natural mood lifter. If you struggle with stress, lethargy, depression this is a great way to boost confidence and lift your spirits and release all of the negative energies associated with feelings of sadness. Even a moderate run gives the runner a sense of freedom when running.

It’s a solitary exercise
“If your losing faith in human nature go out and watch a marathon” Katherine Switzer

Some of us think running is a solo sport as it’s a heavy cardiovascular workout, because of the concentration involved but ardent runners disagree. It is most beneficial to run with other people as to maximize mood boosting effects. Running is also considered to be a great socializing activity. Not only is it great to meet new people, but you can learn new routes as well, running together allows you an opportunity to meet other like-minded people. This could prove to be a great source of relationships that will last a lifetime.

Burned out
“get fast enough to get there but close enough to see” Jimmy Buffet

Probably the most unknown benefit to running is its meditational qualities. Meaningless worries and anxieties that crop up in our thoughts every now and then clog our mind. A busy mind causes real problems while attempting to make important decisions. When we run these restless thoughts disappear and we feel at one with ourselves and nature. The repetitive movement and regular breathing in running helps induce a calm and reflective mind. We become focused with increased mental clarity. It also gives busy professionals a right and early start to organize their day.

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