Running in cold weather

Running in Cold Weather

Running in Cold Weather can be a real challenge. When exposed to cold temperature your body begins to lose heat faster than it can produce, therefore prolonged exposure to cold weather conditions without proper precautions can eventually lead to a nightmare. But that shouldn’t stop you from following your passion to run.

Fret not, following these 6 guidelines you can stay warm and keep up with your daily running habit no matter how frightful the weather outside gets:

1. It is advised that during cold weather conditions, you must do an extra 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up session before you actually hit the track – this allows you to keep your body warm for a longer time when you’re running in the cold.

2. Given that a lot of heat escapes from our head, it is crucial that you keep your head warm.

3. Stretch before and after the running session to allow your body to stay warm.

4. Just because it’s cold outside do not feel sluggish. Don’t break your schedule. Stick to the plan and be disciplined.

5. It is good to apply a thin layer of moisturiser or Vaseline on exposed skin like hands and face to keep hold in heat when running in cold conditions.

6. Try and substitute a cold bath for a warm one to loosen up the muscles after workout.

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