Learn These Hacks To Run Like A Pro Runner

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professional runner hacks

Before you start running it is important to be prepared, and for that, you need to take advice from the professional runners. By following their footsteps, your hips, knees and feet will thank you. Not only that, you will thoroughly enjoy the overall running experience. Here are some clever Hacks To Be A Professional Runner.

Practice the following tips and use them as mental notes during and after your running sessions to make running easy and fun for you:

professional runner hacks

1. Perfect your run with the right shoes. Finding the right running shoes is important. Not only does it makes you enjoy your run, but also protects you from getting hurt. Since your feet spend a lot of time in them and their long-term use can even affect your posture, it’s worth the effort of getting to know what best fits your personal running style so that you buy the best match. Click here to know how to find the perfect running shoes for you.

professional runner hacks

2. Get yourself a dedicated running plan, because just getting out of the door and striding for some time daily is not enough. Make a personalised running plan based on your skill level. For example, if you’re a beginner, follow a 1-minute run/5-minute walk and repeat the sequence. Taking brisk walking breaks is the key to becoming a successful and a long time runner.

professional runner hacks

3. It often gets hard for people to keep up with their running workouts due to boredom, so find yourself a partner or join a group. Moreover, this provides beginners with much help in learning the basic do’s and don’ts of running.

profesional runner hacks

4. Break up your run with body weight exercises. An ideal combination is a quarter-mile run followed by 25 squats. Keep alternating this until you’ve done each four times. This not only makes running more interesting but also helps you in strength training.  Substitute other body-weight exercises for the squats or change the distance of the run depending on how much time you have.

professional runner hacks

5. How you stretch is important. Studies have shown that the static stretching which you do before you run may compromise your performance when you run. If you want to warm up before you run, try dynamic stretching.

professional runner hacks

6. Post run refill is important because you need to get that energy back that you just depleted while running. The best way to do that is to eat a meal that is high in protein. In about half an hour, once you finish your race, make sure you give your body some protein. Chocolate milk, for example, is a good source of protein as well as carbs. Other than this, drink plenty of fluids to replace water and electrolytes lost (during running) through sweat.

Happy running guys! 😀

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