running groups in mumbai

Running Groups in Mumbai

Fitness is a term which is not-understood properly and thus, people often ignore it. As a result, these days people have became more susceptible to various diseases like obesity, fatty heart, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. But nowadays the situation is beginning to change. People have started to realize that fitness plays an imperative role in their lives and thus, they are giving attention to it. People are engaging themselves in several activities like running, walking, jogging, swimming, etc. in order to lead a happy and disease-free life. A running group encompasses several outdoor running initiatives and are constantly encourage people to join them and can make a healthy and robust future for them. Thus for all the Mumbaikars reading this, we present a comprehensive list of Running Groups in Mumbai.

List of Running Groups in Mumbai

  • Pinkathon

    pinkathon running groups in mumbai

    Pinkathon is one of the pre-eminent running groups in Mumbai. It conducts various running activities in different parts of Mumbai. Starting out as initiative by the United Sisters Foundation it was created with the specific purpose of getting more and more women to adopt a fitter lifestyle for themselves and their families. Their running session starts with the 30-minutes slow warm-up run. This is followed up by yoga mentored by Gurus. For first-time female runners this is the perfect place to be. They also conduct Women’s run initiatives to motivate women for fitness and health. They start their runs from places like Juhu, Borivali East, Kandivali West, Vile Parle, etc. and continue to Bandra, Marol-Check Naka, or any other places as per their route. Quickly expanding into different cities as well, now their presence can be noted in all the major cities.

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  • Striders

    striders running groups in mumbai

    Striders is a prodigious running group which was established in 2006. This is a fitness training group which trains running enthusiasts and fitness ardent persons to stay healthy and fit in their lives. They provide various training like marathon training, corporate training, kids training, etc. With a belief that running plays an important role in our life and thus, they encourage people to take part in various running activities. Running lovers can enroll into both half and full marathons here. They train people in various routine activities like stretching, strength training, etc before you get on with running marathons. Running only three days per week will help you to achieve your fitness goals and keeping this in mind, this running group encourage people to participate in running activities.

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  • Adidas runner

    adidas running groups in mumbai

    Adidas runner is a fitness training club which organizes various running events in different cities. They also provide fitness training, expert coaching, and other health tips to the persons who want to stay fit and healthy in their lives. There are deft coaches who will guide you for running and will prepare you for runs. These coaches would facilitate and provide interval training,  race sessions, etc. so that you can accomplish your run successfully.

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  • Nike + run Mumbai

    nike + running groups in mumbai

    This is another active running group in Mumbai whose motto is to get lean, toned, and strong. They organize various running activities in Mumbai. Their next running activity will be held on 31st January, 2018 at Bandra Fort. The event will start at 6.22 a.m. Along with running, they also give you some training like jumping, squat, and other high-intensity training which will help you to lead a healthy life.

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  • Chembur Runners Club

    chembur running groups in mumbai

    This is another ardent running group in Chembur who used to spread awareness in various parts of Mumbai including Chembur, Tilak Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Ghatkopar, etc. People from any age can join their group and can participate in various running initiatives. Whether you are a novice or experienced runner, they encourage both to join their group. All the runners are trained by an eminent fitness trainer who used to guide them in various fitness activities. Every year from November, they organize weekly or bi-weekly runs to promote running. Currently, the group has near about 10 members.

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  • Lokhandwala running group

    lokhandwala running groups in mumbai

    Lokhandwala running club is a voluntary group which meets thrice a week. All the members of the club meet on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Jogger’s Park on 6 a.m. The group is evolving day by day and people from Andheri East, Goregaon, and Malad are participating in this group. Before going for the run, the members do some stretching and warm-up exercises. The group was founded by Mr. Darshan Divakaran who wants to spread the awareness and benefits of running among the society.

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  • Mumbai Road runners

    mumbai road running groups in mumbai

    Mumbai Road Runners is a group of running enthusiast persons whose aim is promote running in various parts of Mumbai. This running group organizes small events like group run, half marathon, 10k race, boot camp, yoga session for runners and many more fitness activities. They conduct a half marathon on the first Sunday of every month where many runners from different parts of Mumbai used to take participate. This is the first running group who was introduced the concept of running awards to encourage people. They also train people in various activities like fitness training, strength training, breathing exercises, etc. before they participate in various running initiatives.

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  • Borivali West Runners

    borivali running groups in mumbai

    Borivali West Runners is a small running group from Mumbai. They are doing some astounding works in spreading awareness of running among the in this magnificent city. The group spread benefits and awareness of running to the people who are residing in Borivali West and its nearby areas. They organize general running and Mumbai Marathon and encourage people to join their group. The group is growing gradually and very soon, they will become one of the popular running clubs in Mumbai.

  • Hiranandani Thane half Marathon

    hiranandani running groups in mumbai

    Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon (HTHM) is an annual event of Hiranandani estate. This running event is aimed to create better and fit individuals that in turn create better societies. The event will be held on 11 th February, 2018 (Sunday) and there will be three categories like Half marathon 921km), green run (10 km), and Fun run (4 km). The last date of registration this year was 15th January, 2018. The amount collected from the last five marathons was donated to various charitable organizations. This included organizations like Ruhi, Concern India, Agasthi foundation, etc. Both Male and Female candidate can participate this running event. However, their age should in between 18-50 years.

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  • Powai run by RCML

    rcml running groups in mumbai

    Rotary Club of Mumbai Lakers (RCML) organizes Powai run every year in January. The running event happened this year on 7 January, 2018. In 2017, the group has gained 12000 registrations. This year the number was even more. The venue is Hiranandani gardens, Powai and they have three running categories. 21Km run (at 5.15 a.m), 10km run (at 5.35 a.m), and 4 km run (at 7.30 a.m). They encourage both amateurs and serious runners to participate the event and lead a healthy and peaceful life.

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  • Sports United

    sports united running groups in mumbai

    Sports United is a sports and talent management company which is the brainchild of ardent and young sports entrepreneurs who want to re-shape our society by making every individual fit and strong. Over the past two years, they are spreading sports awareness and conducting various sports events in different parts of Mumbai. They are organizing running events like Monsoon 10K marathon, Run Santa run, and Navi Mumbai marathon. Near about 1500 runners from various parts of Maharashtra have participated in these events and made them successful. Run Santa run is an event where kids can dress like a Santa and can run with their parents. This event creates an awareness of various deadly childhood diseases like childhood obesity and many more.

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  • Runners Academy

    runners academy running groups in mumbai

    Runners academy has been training runners in Borivali National Park every week for 4 days, for one hour a day. It focuses on injury free run by doing a core workout, strength training, yoga, glutes workout, running forms, prefers breathing, pranayama, cone drills, etc. They train for 4 days in a week with programs like pranayama, yoga, strength training, hill run & long distance endurance running. The academy also conduct Diet & Physiotherapy lectures, workshops and sports massages. For the services offered, this falls in the ‘best fitness clubs in Mumbai’ category without a doubt.

  • SP Youth Wing, Mumbai

    This is a popular fitness club which organizes various events to enhance awareness of fitness and wellness among people. On 28 January 2018 they will conduct Runathon, a running event to spread the benefits of running in the life. Their meet-up point is Bilasrao Deshmukh BMC groud, Mumbai Western suburbs and the event will start from 5 a.m in the morning and will continue till 9 a.m.

  • Worli Sea Face

    This is another running club in Worli which organizes several running events like Worli 10k run, group run, etc in every year. They encourage people to participate and do registration for their different running initiatives. Their aim is to promote running in Worli and its nearby locations.

  • FootPrints

    FootPrints is another social group which will going to organize its first running event in February, 2018 and is spreading awareness of Cerebral palsy (an abnormal brain development). They will organize several events like 21K (male and female) 10K (male and female), 5K(male and female), and 1.5 K (for kids) at Malad West. All the participants will be awarded with medals, t-shirts, bib, and breakfast.

The benefits of running are unfathomable. We mentioned only some of the prominent running clubs in Mumbai. These running clubs are taking some great initiatives in the field of sports and fitness. It is time that you should find some running group in your locality. Join them as early as possible and lead a happy and wholesome life.

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