running changes your body

How Running Changes Your Body

Exercise, A word dreaded by most of us, because we do not understand the importance of it. Did you know, that doctors recommend a minimal of 30 mins of exercise everyday. But, do we have time for that? The answer is obviously “No” for majority of us. Maximum of Semi-urban and Urban Indian population are ignorant towards the benefits of exercise and how it can transform your body. People consider it a waste of their precious time but failure to understand may lead to severe consequences.

According to the Wiki, Running a way of terrestrial locomotion-quite a lot of English grammar. But runners and trainers may have completely different opinion on this form of exercise. They have known it as a form of exercise which help in transforming your body and making it more agile. Running can change your body in many ways (all positives), if done properly.

Unlike any other exercise running also has a format and technique which must be followed to ensure maximum benefits. Even the reasons for running may differ – some people may run to relax their body and mind, some do it just for fun, some use it as a form of exercise and the more serious ones want to make a career out of it. But eventually, every reason to run, boils down to one important fact-It helps you understand your body and how to keep it healthy. The changes experienced by the body after a crisp 30-min run is phenomenal.

Running Changes your Body

Running helps in speeding up the metabolic process and helps in improving your endurance. The metabolic process increases which eventually leads to calorie burns. The longer you run, the longer will body be able to absorb the exercise and produce energy.

Apart from all this the main effect of running is on the heart. It helps in strengthening the muscles making it more efficient in its operations. The blood circulation also increases therefore increasing your lungs capacity. This will help to improve the body functions and keeping your body fit and energized for longer time periods.

Getting rid of the extra fat

Running has proved to be the best form of exercise and helps in providing consistent results. It is known to be one of the best exercise in terms of losing weight and you may not even require a personal trainer for this one.

This exercise requires minimalist techniques, equipment and provides the maximum results. One of the interesting fact says that one-hour weight training can burn 300 calories while running for the same time can help to get rid of 600 calories.

Hearts everywhere

Grab on your sneakers to enjoy the beneficial effects of running. As discussed earlier, running helps in maintaining the blood circulation of the heart and it also enhances the functioning of the heart. It helps in the prevention of various heart diseases such as heart failure and ischemic heart disease.

The heart is able to breathe properly which catalyzes the other process. So, it’s time you think about all those romantic dates with your special someone and keep your heart healthy.

Our body goes through a number of changes and all this can be categorized under the following phases. These phases will help you understand how running changes your body and how your body responds to the running process.

Phase 1:

The moment we start running, our body starts using up a chemical known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is generally released from the type of food we eat. Our muscles start up utilizing the ATP to create energy for the run. ATP is a type of molecule which is stored in your muscles in the form of glycogen. This glycogen is a ready to use energy warehouse which can be used while running.

Phase 2:

After this the body muscles start to release lactic acid which indicates the brain that exercise is in progress. In order to burn down the glucose and produce energy our body requires a lot of oxygen. This oxygen is taken from the ones available in your body. The body start using oxygen from other functions and start supplying it to the required areas due to which we start breathing heavily. The body temperature starts increasing and oxygen is transferred to those areas to cool it down.

Phase 3:

After you have been running for a considerable amount of time, your body will adapt the process and follow a sustainable cycle of breathing, breakdown of glucose and sweating. If you stop your workout then the amount of lactic acid will increase in your body leading to body aches and cramps. To avoid it, we must make it as a habit to run daily to use up those extra glucose and calories. This will help the body to keep up with the energy demand and supply cycle without causing negative effects.

Phase 4:

In the last phase your body starts to cool down as you stop running. It is known as the cool-down period where the pace of running slows down and the body resumes to the walking process. The oxygen consumption will also decrease and it will revert back to the other areas. The energy use is normalized and the body starts feeling light. It prepares your body for the next set of activities and go on with the day to day process.

Final Word

Running is a process which combines different physical exercises into one. This is one exercise which works for the whole body. Each and every part of your body is toned up without going to a gym or taking advice of a trainer. All the changes that the body goes through helps in the complete transformation making you more happy and confident.

Running not only helps you with the physical health but your mental health as well. A good 30-mins run helps in relaxing the body muscles and thereby reliving stress. It is important in indulge in any type of exercise to keep your body fit and healthy which will eventually lead to a boost in confidence and self-motivation.