Runners Need A Training Plan

Why Runners Need A Training Plan?

We don’t fail because of injury, weather excuses or other circumstances. We fail because of under preparation and more importantly, for not having a proper training plan. Let me explain, why runners need a training plan.

If your target is performance oriented and you want to achieve certain timing goal then it demands a training schedule which has to be followed in a disciplined manner. Results will surely come if you don’t deviate from your routine.

But before you start, keep in mind that you may have to do a few adjustments and compromises at home, office or in lifestyle to create a balance. If you can’t commit changes there, don’t expect miracles on the race day.

Once you are able to run 2 miles nonstop, you can decide on your next goal. You might simply want to continue running 2 miles at a time, three or four days per week. Research has shown that this is enough to help you lose or maintain weight, and improve many other important health markers, i.e., your cholesterol, blood pressure, and insulin response.

Or you might decide that you want to do more, in which case you can consider the¬†training programs offered by our Smartphone App. The first 2 miles are the hardest you will ever run. Once you have reached this level of fitness, it’s relatively easy to do more. You simply have to budget the time, and be patient and disciplined in your training.

Take advice or listen to your respective coaches or learn from your own experience and fine tune yourself to make it happen. The other option is to take it easy, and simply focus on finishing your race, rather than caring for the timing – and bask in the glory of conquering the distance not the time.

Happy Running! Find your Joy of Running in speed or ease!

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