Runner's High

Runner’s high: Alternate To Smoking Weed?

No wonder every athlete has heard of the term The Runner’s High, and many of us often agree that we feel so good when we exercise, as if we have consumed some sort of a mood-altering drug. Well, it seems like the scientists have just proved us right. As per them, the runner’s high is closely linked to a Cannabis High!

Contrary to many other researches which stated that the high one feels while running is the result of an endorphin release that eventually leads to this euphoric boost, a recent report published in United States of America stated that a runner’s “high” could be the result of a different substance: endocannabinoids – which is our body’s own version of Cannabis. And the after-effects of the release of endocannabinoids are quite similar to the after-effects of smoking cannabis.

The research, which studied mice as a part of their investigation group, discovered that the mice felt less anxious after running, and thus happier – exactly the way one feels after smoking pot.

Some runners who are also cannabis lovers conclude their running session with a quick puff as a post-run ritual. However for the majority of the people, it seems like the natural high one experiences after running, more than suffices their desire to look for an additional substitute to obtain the same high.

So, if shedding the calories and toning the body were the only reasons why you wanted to inculcate the habit of running every day, we’ve just given you another reason to start right from today. Happy Running!

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