Things You Must Know Before Marrying A Runner

“Run fast, Run slow,

 Run far, Run close,


Well, this is what a runner believes in. To them running is not just another form of exercise for a healthy life but their life itself revolves around running. They know that like exercise changes your body, running changes your life.

So how does life with them feel like?  Just in case you are about to marry a runner or confused or haven’t yet decided who to marry, the following points will definitely encourage you to go ahead with these apparently crazy people:

Perks of having a runner as your life partner:

  1. You will become a morning person

No matter how much you crib getting up early in the morning, deep down you know how important it is to stay healthy. Runners wake up early and put on their running shoes and sprint out. Now this works two ways, either you’ll be motivated to wake up with them and train together or just in case you are not a morning person at all, by the time they will come back from their run, you’ll have enough time to wake up and dress up, ready to greet them with a smile.

  1. They are happy people in general

Now, who doesn’t want to keep company with stress-free people? It’s a proven fact that running works as an anti-depressant. Hence, runners generally tend to be in a good mood and are much more positive people than their counterparts. Well, unless their running is ruined someday due to something!

  1. They’ll be your pillar of strength

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

Running requires endurance. Hence, they have lot of perseverance and can survive tough times more easily than others. It means whenever life seems to go crazy, they will hold you and give you some part of their strength to move on. Isn’t this great?

  1. You will have a healthy happy family

You would agree that even if there’s one person in the family who is health conscious, rest follow suit. What I mean is that there will be healthy groceries in the house, healthy meals shall be prepared and they would not even mind some pizzas, cakes too on some cheat days. All they have to do is just run a few extra miles to compensate. On the whole, a healthier lifestyle will prevail in the family.

  1. They are low on ageing and high on stamina

Running requires discipline. It boosts stamina, increasing the runner’s efficiency in every aspect of life. All that blood pumping, hormone shifting, sweat can actually slow down the ageing process. A research has indeed proven that people who jog regularly are around half as likely to die from diseases as they have a much stronger immune system.

  1. Great Vacations

Those who run generally love to travel and go places wherever an epic race or marathon is going to be held. You will get a chance to explore the world with them and spend quality time together.

  1. They give you space

Another great thing about marrying a runner is that they understand how important personal space is to a person. They don’t cry and crib for small things in life and have much more respect for other person’s feelings.

“So, start dating someone who runs because they’ll know how to go the distance, even when the going gets tough!”

However, you don’t need to love running in order to marry a runner. They don’t expect you to like it but respect them and their love for running. They might seem selfish to you at times but after all, running came in their lives before you did. So swallow your pride and try to understand and empathise. Living with a runner any day holds much more pros than cons!