Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan: Eat Local, Eat Fresh

Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan

A diet is almost always about control. Or it is about eating more of the same thing. For example, the Atkins diet. It is all about eating fats and proteins. Similarly, the Dukan Diet is all about eating proteins. There are no such restrictions when it comes to the Rujuta Diwekar diet plan. Her diet is all-encompassing and quite inclusive of every food group.

Rujuta Diwekar is a Mumbai-based celebrity nutritionist.  She has a celebrity clientele, including industrialist Anil Ambani and Bollywood actors Kareena Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Richa Chadda and many more.

Salient points of Rujuta’s diet

  • Eating every two hours
  • Eating nuts
  • Exercising regularly
  • Taking supplements like vitamins or Omega fatty acids.

Following are some of Rujuta’s tips:


Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan

1. Eat Local

The Rujuta Diwekar diet plan emphasizes the importance of eating locally produced fruits and vegetables. The point is that we have to eat the local food of the place we are in. For example, the diet suggests eating Momo in cold places. It also suggests that people eat mangoes during summer and Cauliflowers during winter.

2. Eat Fresh                            

The Rujuta Diwekar diet plan suggests eating hot breakfasts instead of cold. The reason behind this is that the hot breakfast will be freshly prepared. The cold breakfast, not so much! According to Rujuta, all cooked food items should be eaten within three hours.

3. Eat fruits whole

Rujuta Diwekar isn’t a supporter of fruit juices. Her diet plans mainly support the idea of eating fruits wholly. This is because the more you cut fruits into pieces, the more you lose vitamins. Hence, eat them whole!

4. Do not exercise if you haven’t slept well

Most of us won’t even think of this. How does not sleeping effect exercise? The body, if not rested, isn’t prepared for a physical regimen. Of course, you can do the exercise, but the benefits won’t show. A well-rested body is suitable for exercising according to the Rujuta Diwekar diet plan.

5. Do not start your day with coffee or tea

Rujuta Diwekar’s diet suggests that you start your day by eating something substantial. The tea or coffee can come after that. This is because when we wake up in the morning, our blood sugar levels are low. We need to eat something to increase the levels. Tea or coffee cannot do that. Unlike many diet plans which suggest tea or coffee along with breakfast, Rujuta Diwekar diet plan suggests that you consume them afterwards.

6. Want to eat chips? Make them!

It can get quite hard to stay on a diet plan for long. Eating home-made snacks can keep you on the track. If you feel like straying from your diet, please do so by making something at home.

7. Eat two hours before bedtime

Not surprisingly, this golden rule is a part of Rujuta Diwekar diet plan. Eating and going to sleep immediately after that is a recipe for disaster. Along with weight gain, you can face more problems like acid reflux and gastrointestinal disorders.

 Rujuta Diwekar diet plan

A sample Rujuta Diwekar diet plan looks like the following:

  • Breakfast (8 am): Whole-wheat bread with egg white omelette
  • Snack (10 am): Handful of nuts
  • Lunch (12 noon): Idli or Dosa or a sandwich
  • Snack (2 pm): A bowl of yoghurt or a fruit
  • Beverage (4 pm): A glass of soya milk
  • Dinner (6 pm): 2 rotis with vegetable curry
  • Beverage (8 pm): Glass of soya milk

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