Roger Federer Diet and Workout Routine

Workout Routine & Diet Plan of The Oldest Grand Slam Champion

From ranking world no. 17 by ATP to being back again in the top 10, there is nothing stopping this man. Roger Federer has claimed his 18th grand slam title with Australian Open win. His accomplishments have led him to be regarded as one of the greatest Tennis players of all time.

Federer holds several records of the Open Era: holding the world no. 1 position for 302 weeks (including 237 consecutive weeks); winning 18 Grand Slam singles titles; reaching each grand slam final at least five times each; only male player to win five consecutive US Open Titles; named the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for a record four consecutive years (2005-2008). Phew! Now that’s what makes him an icon!

roger federer workout

So, what gives him an edge over his opponents?

Roger Federer is known for his classic playing style. But what we as fans don’t realize is the sheer hard work that Roger has put in to achieve this level of fitness which helps him withstand all kinds of pressure, be it physical or mental. Speaking to a leading international daily, Roger’s coach Pierre Paganini rightly says, ‘to have a potential is one thing, but to express it for 70 matches a year is something else. That’s Roger’s goal, to be consistent in each match and each training session. It’s like watching a ballet dancer, you see the beauty but you forget the work behind it.

roger federer workout

Roger’s ability to hit any stroke with power and agility would not be possible if he did not get to the ball in the first place. In his coach Pierre Paganini’s words, ‘Tennis is a game of movement. You need to run cleanly and use speed intelligently.’ Now how does Roger do that? No doubt being a sharp, intelligent player is one thing, but in a sport like Tennis you not only have to be sharp but also have a fitness level to match up that sharpness. You need speed, you need to be fast, you need to be coordinated, in short, you need to be FIT!

roger federer workout

How does this great champion manage to remain so fit?

Roger Federer Workout Regime

Under coach Pierre Paganini’s guidance, apart from regular push-ups, crunches, leg raises, Roger’s special training workout includes:

  • Warm up with Skipping & Jogging

Federer starts his workout sessions with the rope. He starts by skipping at a normal speed then gradually jumps at twice the normal speed. It’s great for cardiovascular fitness. He then does jogging thereby taxing different muscles, like butt kicks and the running motion, to get the leg muscles going. Both skipping and jogging are a key part of Roger Federer’s training program.

  • Training the Upper Body

Roger Federer does the medicine ball workout to train his upper body which is crucial for the power that he generates in tennis strokes. This workout includes strengthening the core and shoulder muscles as the ball is thrown and caught repeatedly.

roger federer workout

  • Ball & Racquet Exercises

Exercises with the help of ball and racquet are of course another major part of his workout regime. In one such exercise, three balls are thrown to him, one at a time and Roger has to hit all three before they bounce the second time. It is great for practising reaction time and improving the hand-eye coordination which is significant for any tennis player.

  • Exercise Bands and Cone Drills

Well, we all know what footwork does for a tennis player. To enhance his footwork, Roger Federer makes sure to incorporate cone drills in his workout regime. Additionally, he also uses exercise bands for enhancing his performance. He sometimes places a band between his legs while practicing to strengthen his leg muscles.

roger federer workout

Roger Federer Diet Plan

What you eat is an important component of any successful fitness program. A strenuous workout needs to be backed up by a nutritious diet to help build and repair muscles and strengthen the immune system. Hence, it’s rightly said, ‘You are what you eat’. Federer was vegetarian until the age of 14 on taste ground, but, now eats non-veg. Here’s some insight on Roger Federer’s diet:

  • Roger Federer goes for evenly spaced meals and eats every 2-3 hours and makes sure to eat on time.
  • He has a high-carb, healthy fat breakfast to fuel his system for the rest of the day. It may consist of low-fat milk and cereals.
  • Lunch includes lean protein for his muscles and usually has a light dinner.
  • Federer revealed in Australian Open 2017 that he doesn’t blocks himself from having ice-cream and chocolate, once in a while. Sugary diet is not always bad, you can check out the ice-cream diet here.
  • He makes sure to sleep for 10 hours a day to help his body recover fully and gets set for the next day!

Surely, success stories are not made by chance, it does require consistent hard work and endurance. After all, that’s what legends are made of!

roger federer workout

“I’m a very positive thinker, and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult moments”