Ride Against The Wind

How To Ride Against The Wind?

A headwind is always a significant challenges for the riders. When you are pedaling with the brake locks rubbing on the rim on a gusty day, you quickly eat into energy reserves, if you do not tackle the problem with care. So what can be done to overcome these challenges? Here is How To Ride Against The Wind, Literally!

Get Down
Maintaining a rounded back posture will reduce your frontal area and increases stability. This is the first step to ride in a windy day. Other than this try to tuck your elbows and hugging into the bars.

While Riding In A Group

Riding in a group could be daunting during crazy winds. Here the key is to keep things smooth. Don’t ride too close to each other. Moreover avoid taking long turns on the front as they are too fatiguing. Work with other riders to create a shelter.

Be Alert
Be prepared for a sudden jerk in open areas or when you’re passings gaps between building. Check the weather forecast before planning your route.

Plan your route

Plan your route so that you face the wind on you way out. Tail winding makes cycling a rather enjoyable experience. Planning your route during windy days is important to avoid problems as well as to go fast.

Drop A Gear
Dropping a gear or two maintain a smooth and steady riding experience. If you’re not riding to win a race or something then going a bit slow won’t harm you. Go slow but keep pushing Measure the intensity of your training period, not speed.

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