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Complete guide to Red Bull | Ingredient Analysis | Benefits and Side Effects

In today’s hectic world, people are often bombarded with sudden projects, assignments and the increasing need to meet deadlines on time with mounting work remaining concomitant to the situation.

Whether it is a student requiring endless hours of studies to beat million other students in competition for one seat at an esteemed institution, or a businessman running a business or an office going person struggling to meet deadlines while juggling work and personal life, pulling all-nighters has become a very common thing to this generation and what people often turn to in times of needs are energy drinks.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about energy drinks is Red Bull drink, the Austrian company that advertises their products using funny animations and guarantee to give you wings. It has dominated the energy drink industry ever since its inception and has the highest market share will a record number of over 5 billion cans sold in 2013 alone.  It is a drink which effectively increases the energy in a person boosting his speed and concentration and helping the person gain their personal best.

red bull drink gives wing

What does Red Bull drink contain?

Despite various other energy drinks crowding the market, Red Bull is by far the most popular one among all but what are those Red bull ingredients that put joy in the feet and jolts the brain from its snooze mode? It contains a mixture of sugar and mostly synthetic items which are well known for their energy promoting quality. From what is seen from the metallic blue and silver container, this drink contains

red bull drink ingredients

  1. Glucose and Sucrose – The most common and obvious ingredient of all – sugar!every can is loaded with 27grams of sugar which surprisingly is lesser than those contained in a soft drink container but quite a substantial amount nonetheless. The consumer feels a massive rush of energy primarily because of this.
  2. Taurine – It is an amino acid formed in the human body and found in the lower intestine. It helps in moving minerals through the system and in generating nerve impulses. Every can have about 1000 milligrams of Taurine which was banned in France for a while due to erstwhile health concerns.
  3. Caffeine – Every can of Red Bull drink contains 80grams of caffeine which is about the same amount contained in a cup of coffee. It blocks the release of sleep-inducing hormones causing the body to release adrenaline which makes one feel energized.
  4. Inositol – helps in improving mood
  5. Niacin – helps in energy creation and use
  6. Artificial colour and flavors – every variant of Red Bull drink use synthetic colour stimulants in addition to artificial flavors. Yes! even the white one.

Red Bull ingredients also include various other substances like PyridoxineHCL, D-Pantothenol, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6 etc.

Despite enticing stories and rumors, Red Bull ingredients do not include Bull semen or Bull urine. Taurine was initially extracted from ox bile but be rest assured, Taurine used in this energy drink is completely synthetically produced and is not extracted from testicles of Bulls.

How does Red Bull affect the body?

red bull drink side effects

Gulping down the pink liquid is all the consumers are concerned about but it’s time to spare a thought about what the drink does to the body.

  • Caffeine takes 10 minutes to enter the bloodstream causing a hike in the blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Within 45 minutes the caffeine peaks in the bloodstream and the drink kicks in making one feel more alert and improving concentration significantly.
  • Within 50 minutes all the sugar in the bloodstream is completely absorbed allowing the liver to absorb more sugar.
  • Within an hour, the effects start to die out and the energy rush starts to give its way to tiredness and fatigue.
  • Within 5 to 6 hours the body reduces the caffeine content in the body by 50%.
  • After a prolonged time of about half a day to an entire day, those using caffeine regularly experience withdrawal symptoms often including headaches, irritability, and constipation.
  • It takes about a week to 12 days for the body to get used to a regular dosage of caffeine.

What are the associated side effects?

red bull drink side effects

Just like everything else, Red Bull is helpful and effective only when consumed in normal amounts. Abuse of the item or irresponsible use can lead to unwanted side-effects which become more prone because of the presence of many other substances along with it. Red Bull side effects might include

  • Palpitation
  • Tremor
  • Agitation
  • Chest Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Respiratory problems
  • Paresthesia

Is Red Bull healthy?

Health is a pressing concern while consuming any item and it is the same if not more important for a drink so heavily infused with sugar and all other synthetically produced substances. Red Bull drink should be consumed as per direction and not be abused.

Everyone needs energy but they need it in a relaxed yet alert and calm state of mind. Sometimes extreme energy requirements arise which it tackles with fluidity but what follows that instant sugar rush is a sugar crash. The body needs to be given enough time to rest to recover from the extreme tiredness that is bound to follow once the effects wear out. In case the body is denied enough time to recover from that fatigue, a sleep debt develops which takes a heavy toll not only on the physique but also on the mood and of course any associated activity.

Indiscriminate consumption can lead to irreversible nervous and neuron diseases – worst of the Red Bull side effects. Hence observing caution is a must.

What other alternatives does one have?

red bull drink

A daily use of multivitamin once a day contains B vitamins that provide enough and sustained energy throughout the day. It is always better to consume any sort of energy supplement on a full stomach to prevent any potentiality of a stomach ache.

Drink and Limits

Physicians around the world have growing concern about the massive sugar content and hence advise parents to not allow children to consume them unless absolutely necessary. It might seem safe as it has the same amount of caffeine as in a cup of coffee but teenagers mostly never restrict themselves to one can which can potentially end up becoming harmful to their health. Pregnant women should consult their physician if they have wanted to consume them. It is generally a safe consumer product but only when taken in moderation. Consumption of alcohol can have undesired Red Bull side effects and unexpected outcomes. It is hence better to steer clear of any such wild experiments.