Reasons To Do Yoga Everyday

Reasons To Do Yoga Everyday

Do you know that one hour of Yoga is far more beneficial than spending hours in gym? Well, this is just one of the hidden benefits of yoga that you probably were not aware of. Here, some more reasons to do yoga everyday:

1. Because you need to unplug from your daily routine and yoga is the perfect activity to do that. It makes your mind introvert and turns it into your Self.

2. It is one of the best ways to burn more calories. It is said that a 40-45 minutes of Yoga session is equivalent to one and a half to two hours of gym.

3. Yoga does not only help you to workout physically, but it also calms your mind. When you do yoga the remote cells and neurons in your brain gets proper blood which results in proper brain functioning.

4. The comfort you get, even after a half an hour yoga session is something incomparable.

5. Unlike gyming, Yoga postures increases your core strength by toning your muscles and strengthening them.

6. Yoga is a perfect stress buster. Postures like Tadasana (Standing Posture) give you immediate relief from stress.

7. Yoga is almost effortless and easy to do. It moreover does not require any investment to do yoga, unlike most of the other physical exercises.

8. It keeps many diseases away including many heart and respiratory diseases.

Reasons To Do Yoga Everyday

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